Almanac Baseball: Seoul Time

Brian the Ruminator reports on the contest between the Melbourne Aces and Geelong Korea suggesting it may well be the most hyped hitout in ABL history with the Aces GM, Justin Huber, going on ABC News Breakfast and proclaiming that as many as 30 million Koreans may be tuning in.

Cheater – Who Me?

Cheating. What is it and how do we police it? Robbo takes through a few of the issues and highlights the differences between some sports. This is a topic worthy of much discussion.

The post-game handshake: how sport doesn’t always reflect real life

It’s a truism in sport, and something that Australians pride themselves on, that once the final whistle goes you leave it on the field and shake hands. However, try as he might, Sean Curtain isn’t always able to do the same in real life. But could he really leave an outstretched hand hanging?

Waxing lyrical on shaking hands and sporting war!

A few years ago the then Carlton AFL player Brock Mclean announced on a mainstream footy show that he refuses to shake his direct opponents hand on the footy field before a game, because that “is what his Dad did”…. I remember being disgusted by this (and venting on the nackers site) and now on [Read more]