Australia v Pakistan – Gabba, Day 1: Pinky Pool Perfect





A beautiful day here at the Gabba for the opening session of the Pinky Pool Test.


Four overs in and there are ten people in the pool and much to my dismay nobody is wearing bathers. A lifeguard is on duty, sorry there are now two and a fence had to be erected around the pool to adhere to Queensland legislation.  Lord knows how much it would have cost but I bet Clem Jones would turn in his grave. Can’t see poolside being a winner. Only time will tell.


For the engineers among us the pool holds approximately 32,000 litres of water is 8.3 metres x 6.3 metres but is only 1 metre deep at the deep end. The deck holds 140 people but I am not sure how many the actual pool holds.


How come I missed that woman in the two-piece blue bikini?


Everything’s going right for Smithy at the moment as he wins the toss and elects to bat.  Despite all the conjecture Nathan Lyon is playing.  Talk about a media beat-up.


Amir and Rahat are lively but their bad balls are treated with contempt and the first 20 runs are all fours.  They are quick but one wonders how long they can keep it up in these conditions.


Pakistan’s number one bogey man Yasir Shah is on after 40 minutes but both batsmen looked at ease. Wahab Riaz comes on at the other end after five overs each from the openers.  The Australian hierarchy would be pleased with how the openers approached the situation not flashing at anything.


It has been good cricket from both teams.


Renshaw reminds me of Warwick Armstrong. When on song he looks impenetrable and he looks even bigger with the short stature of the Pakistani infielders. In fact he looks huge compared to nearly every player. The 21st century “Big Ship”.


Yasir finds his length and bowls a wonderful over to Warner having him in all sorts of trouble. He and Wahab are constraining the Aussie openers.


After 90 minutes of play the Australians are getting on top of the bowlers and they are 0/70.  No sooner said than Warner (32) goes lbw to Amir.  You could say that it was Yasir’s wicket as he had frustrated the vice-captain for quite a few overs.


Yasir gets his own wicket in the next over when Khawaja (4)  plays a lazy shot and holes out to Misbah at mid-on. It is Khawaja’s want that every time he consolidates his position in the team he makes a terrible mistake and today was it.   Australia 2/75


Smith joins the big ship and they take the score to 2/89 at lunch with honours about even.  Of concern however would be the fielding of the visitors.  It is pedestrian at its best and the poor old keeper wont have to go to a Pilates class for some time if this keeps up.


Any thought that Renshaw was still a question mark was dismissed when he reached his first 50 in test cricket.  It has been a fine innings and the fifty came from 95 balls and seven fours. He keeps up the attack on Yasir and hitting to all parts of the ground.


The Pinky Pool continues to attract and the locals are now watching instead of playing as their local hero continues to dominate the batting. I might have to eat my words.


Smith compliments Renshaw and the youngster continues to grow in confidence.


Why does it always happen?


Renshaw tickles a straight one from Wahad to Sarfraz and is out for a fine 71.  Australia 3/151.


I will continue writing on the day’s play but will not mention if a player is going well.


Yasir continues to bowl and bowl.  There is no doubt who the skipper is relying on to take wickets. He is now into his 20th over.


I HAD TO DO IT.  I have just carried out a pool inspection and I have to eat humble pie.  It has been a raging success with people of all shapes and sizes enjoying their time in the pool and caring little about what is happening on the scoreboard.  One young mum with her 2 sons said that they were getting the best of both worlds.  One son enjoying the cricket, the other the pool and she just being here!


According to the organisers it has been a roaring success and the day is only half over and it is only day one!


It is very hot out there so why not get wet.


Meanwhile Smith and Handscomb continue to thwart the bowlers with both of them using their feet against the tireless Yasir in particular. The two Australians are working hard to consolidate the teams position and the hierarchy will be pleased with their endeavours no doubt.


They continue on to the tea break and the score goes to 3/182.


The PP’s (Pinky Poolers) are having a wonderful time and the numbers continue to swell  It has been a huge success. Mind you it is now only 6.15pm local time.


Peter Handscomb, like Matt Renshaw, has cemented his position in the side even though this is only his second test match. His footwork is brilliant and made even better by the fact you don’t have to score a run every time you dance down the pitch.


Amir goes down after a terrible attempt to field.  Shades of Dale Steyn.  It looks like he has seriously injured his knee.  It will be a tragedy if he is finished for the tour before it starts.


Steve Smith is a new man since Hobart and he has complete confidence in the way he is playing at the moment. He is playing shots all around the wicket.  He will even be happier with the performances of Pete and Matt.


The batsmen continue their dominance and there has not been the fire and brimstone that the pundits predicted would happen in this last session of play. In fact one could say that the ball is doing nothing at all.


Steve Smith is playing some great shots now as he fast approaches another Test century.


Well, well, well Amir is back on the ground. I don’t want to be callous but could it have been that he was hiding his shocking fielding miss.  Which by the way was not his first miss of the day.


Amir takes the second new ball.  Unbelievable.


Did Smithy (97) touch the fourth ball of the over? Certainly looked like it.


Amir has bowled 2 great overs but should he have (a) been out there and (b) bowling?  I  think he has probably done more harm than good both for himself and the team heroic as it might be.


Smith on 98 is struggling to get those extra 2 runs and the bowlers are giving him nothing. It has been a fine spell with the second new ball by Ali and Amir.


SPD finally makes it with a delightful straight drive of Amir.  His 100 has included 15 fours.


A fine day of cricket for Australia as they finish the day at 3/288.  Steve Smith 110 not out and Peter Handscomb 64.  The Australians are on top and were able to stop the bowlers for dictating the terms of the day.


Another good day of test cricket watched by a crowd of 26,343 who thoroughly enjoyed the first ever Pinky Pool Party Test.


The Pinky Pool Party has been a great success.  I think I might just take a dip.


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  1. Citrus, love the report. Love the Gabba Test. Love when we’re taking our lead from Antigua (when it comes to facilities for spectators).

    We want photographic evidence of you in the pool.

    PS Imagine a pool at Lord’s.

  2. Thanks CB to say the last 2 tests ( before this one ) have demanded that our best swing bowler in Chadd Sayers play is a understatement ( unfortunately,Steve Smith does not agree) and then surely pink ball form had to be the decider on selection re this game yet again he misses out I admit the most angry I have ever been at a aussie selection,Renshaw and Handscomb very impressive

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