Almanac Cricket: Marnus Out?




Is it time for Australia to make a change for the Test in Christchurch?


Sure Australia is winning, but surely performances over the summer should be taken into account even if it is only for this one Test match.


It’s all SPD Smith’s fault. He told the selectors he wanted to open and got the answer “yes sir Mr Smith, you can open now that the naughty boy has retired, would you like fries with that?” It has not been a great success and the start of each innings has been put on the shoulders of Uzzie to hold the fort no matter what. As usual he has done the job with little fanfare or praise. The First Test at The Basin was the perfect example.


The moot point is should Marnus have a rest? The latter part of his season has been ordinary indeed and his mate Matthew Renshaw shoud be given a chance. He has not dropped the drinks the whole summer and deserves a game. Perhaps it could be Travis Head as well, RuleBook? His swashbuckling has been fine when it has come off but his sword has been well entrenched in the scabbard in recent times.


Head and bodgie Marsh have been going up and down like Schindlers Lifts all summer. Perhaps they should be put on his list and what about Scotty Boland. Scotty who?


Yes, the bloke who hypnotised England a couple of years ago, that guy. He has been exquisite carry the towels and bottles all summer and must have ticked all the boxes.


And what about SPD himself? THE man who caused all the confusion in the first place by saying I would like to open and thus denying his little mate Cameron Bancroft a chance for a game. Cameron who? He’s the guy who has made more runs than anyone else for the last couple of years and refused to take out a contract with Bunnings.


Strange as it may seem despite the success of the Australian team there has been agitation amongst the fans to see some more younger players given a chance and I am certainly one of them. It’s only in the batting side of things as the quartet of bowlers continue to be the best in the world at their craft. No, I haven’t forgotten the Indians but they do their best work at home. Our blokes do it anywhere.


My team for the Second Test at Christchurch on Thursday: Khawaja, Renshaw, Marsh, Green, Smith, Head, Carey (needs runs), Cummins, Lyon, Hazlewood, Boland. As they say in the AFL, Starc and Labuschange (managed).


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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. Fine article CB. I like it when you come off the long run. You seem to reserve your bouncers for overseas Tests. Very circumspect at home – do CA threaten to withdraw your cucumber sandwiches and G&T press box privileges?
    Anyway I would go further and ask how Alex Carey gets a game (another Rulebook fix?) when Josh Inglis is clearly the best keeper/batsman in Australia as his Man of the Match 136* and 47 and 3 catches on the weekend showed. On to Hobart now for another WA Sheffield Shield triumph (unbiased opinion).

  2. Don Baulderstone says

    I totally disagree with my son, Peter B, over the Carey/Inglis situation.
    I always thought you chose the BEST KEEPER and Carey has done little wrong in that area, irrespective of Peter and Daniel Cherny, the Australian journalist.
    I was a Keeper myself, average standard and anyone can Keep to Quicks. The real test is against Spinners and Carey has proven his ability keeping to Lyon, not only at Home but in England and India.
    Man of the Match in a Sheffield Shield game with TOP PLAYERS ABSENT is a FAR CRY from TEST CRICKET>


  3. Citrus Bob says

    Oh no another b….y Baulderstone to cope with and the footy has not even started!
    DB – a great radio station in its hey day Don . I did not go into the game without a protector and never mentioned Carey the keeper as against Carey the batsman. The selectors want runs from their keeper never mind what else happens behind the stumps , thank you Jonny B and Carey is a bit light on recently.
    PB -what are you going to say when Adam V becomes the Australian coach? Is he as good as the former Essendon coach Daryl Foster who made WA cricket what it is today? Beside the point. I believe Steve Smith has the selectors running scared at the moment.
    Here in NZ there is no mention of the Sheffield Shield what is happening? Plenty of questions today.

  4. Some interesting points here, Citrus.
    Firstly, it seems as if the players have far too much say these days. The selectors need to show some ruthlessness, particularly in transitioning the team as players retire.
    I note that India have been bringing in youngsters. Jaiswal the opener is 22. It would be virtually impossible for a 22-year old to play Test cricket for Australia these days.

  5. Citrus Bob says

    SMOKIE – yes where is that transition process. Sending younger players everywhere but moving internally.
    Name me six players who would be regarded as Test players between 22 – 26 who have played against current Test players or reverse that how many Test players have played against these 22-26 on a regular basis/ NONE.
    Jaiswal, Gill and the unfortunate Risbah Pant and the keeper who took his place. All under 25. WE REST OUR CASE.
    Easy to see I am in Christchurch with nothing to do!

  6. Dad – you were right (again). This time about Carey being the best wicketkeeper/batsman in Australia. I was about to put my foot in my mouth (again) after he dropped Latham and made 14 in the first dig. Lucky I shut my mouth (for once).
    Your loving son,
    Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maximus Culpa

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