Fearless 2018 Round 19: Saving Patrick Cripps

Fearless is concerned for the welfare of Patrick Cripps. He offers some recruiting advice to the Blues.

Boundary Writer: Graeme Hugo and the science of football recruiting zones

A fascinating tribute from Mike Hugo to his uncle, the late Professor Graeme Hugo AO and the ground breaking work of the Adelaide University Geography Department in bringing science to the vexed issue of football recruiting zones

Will Francis “Casino” Jackson ever learn his lesson?

Richmond’s head recruiter, Francis Jackson, has been getting plenty of credit of late for choosing Houli, Grigg, Maric, Knights and Chaplin, pity he didn’t choose any of them, says Louise Comra.

Thinking outside the oval

by Peter Baulderstone Football (and that’s a broader family than AFL) has lost two of its broadest thinkers and most compassionate administrators – one to cancer, and the other to political correctness.  One loss cannot be remedied, but the other should be. We all get lost in the adoration and fandom of professional sport, and [Read more]

Keeping Up Appearances

Scene 1:  A group of Club Recruiters are meeting with an AFL Manager to discuss emerging issues and trends in the game. Recruiter 1: It’s always been as much an art as a science this recruiting business.  You look at what’s available in the local comps.  Look at your clubs place on the ladder.  No [Read more]

Last recruit

It’s that time of the year in bush footy. No matter what the code, presidents and committees, sponsors and hangers-on, club men who have worked hard all summer are trying to put the finishing touches on their team lists. They’re selling hope.