VFL Prelim Final: Williamstown v Port Melbourne

Rod Oaten was treated to grass roots footy at its best – North Port Oval on a cracking Melbourne Sunday.

VFL – Port Melbourne v Northern Blues: The Ciarans at the Borough

Joe Huddler spent Saturday afternoon at North Port Oval watching and talking to some of his Irish compatriots. There were lots of Ciarans and lots to like about some young Carlton players running around against Port Melbourne.

VFL v SANFL: the Topknot Pigeons and the Richie Cunninghams

State footy was alive and well at North Port Oval last Saturday when the hirsute VFL took on the clean-cut SANFL.

How to Watch Footy (part 18): Umbrella organisation

Rain or shine, in this case rain, Vin Maskell can be found watching the footy. Even he learnt a few things from Len, a hardened Williamstown supporter.

How to Watch Footy, part 13: The Queen’s decree

When did the Queen decree that there be no local footy in much of Melbourne over her birthday weekend? Vin Maskell hops on his bike and goes searching for some action.