….and we’ll call them “curtain raisers”.

Joe Beatty loves the character and integrity of VFL matches played at Princes Park or Preston. He laments their seeming demise as they increasingly become ‘curtain raisers’ for the AFL in the soulless, grey-roofed cavern that is Marvel Stadium.

VFL – Port Melbourne v Northern Blues: The Ciarans at the Borough

Joe Huddler spent Saturday afternoon at North Port Oval watching and talking to some of his Irish compatriots. There were lots of Ciarans and lots to like about some young Carlton players running around against Port Melbourne.

On Footy Value

Joe Huddler had distinct and vastly different experiences by going to two games in one day: a VFL practice match at Arden St amongst the elements and the Melbourne v Carlton clash in a corporate box at the ‘G. This is a beautifully crafted call for perspective.