Luxury: The Price of Pies at the Adelaide Oval

Letter to the editor taken from the Adelaide Advertiser. A true blue smack down on all those who moan about the cost of having a bite at the footy.

Review Essay: Going To The Local Footy

Liam Quin weaves a day at the local footy with his discussion of life in the city and the recently-released book Footy Town.

Eat up! Eat up! And play the game.

  It was one of those nights when a few middle-aged blokes get together to talk about old times in sport. John was a new fellow to join the group and everyone’s eyes lit up when he said ‘I saw Bradman bat once’.   John’s view of  Bradman was when the Indians played a Test [Read more]

Going to the footy

    By Daniel Taranto   Sitting on a plastic chair, in a stadium which makes it colder indoors than out (How does Docklands manage to achieve that?), with 35,000 fellow Carlton Blues supporters on a Saturday afternoon is one of the things in life that I love doing. It gives me a sense of [Read more]