crio’s Q: Worthy of the written word

I guess the market dictates if a book is worthwhile or not. Certainly I support any author’s right to have a tale printed. When Tom and I go to TiAmo in Lygon St for lunch, a stop at Readings is a non-negotiable. Seeking common ground we invariably meet at the small sports section. Last week [Read more]

Fev’s North Eastern Saga

    by Andrew Walker Since Yarrawonga announced that Fev may be playing with them during the 2012 Ovens and Murray season there has been no shortage of Fev news. First came rumours that other O & M clubs were also talking to the talented but incident prone player. Once Fev’s arrangements with the Yarrawonga [Read more]

Fev: the timely role mode

  All the good ones are going: Martin Pike, Ben Cousins, now Fev. It’s a real shame. Not just for the colour football will now lack, not for the loss of their exquisite skills, but because they were great role models for my neighbour’s child. Real role models, from a real world. You see, someone [Read more]