Fev’s North Eastern Saga



by Andrew Walker

Since Yarrawonga announced that Fev may be playing with them during the 2012 Ovens and Murray season there has been no shortage of Fev news. First came rumours that other O & M clubs were also talking to the talented but incident prone player.

Once Fev’s arrangements with the Yarrawonga Pigeons had been firmed up there needed to be some swift arrangement to ensure that The Fev had served a one week suspension incurred at the end of the 2011 season.  Yarrawonga wanted the drawcard to be available for the Easter Sunday O & M blockbuster against Lavington.

The first attempt to overcome this was made by the O & M.  A late season round against Wangaratta was to be brought forward and played under lights prior to the season proper.  To say that the other O & M clubs were outraged and offended by this would be an understatement.  Such was the outcry that the league reversed their decision and returned to the original draw. Result…..The Fev still ineligible for round one.

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention and there was certainly some innovative thinking in what came next .  The Fev was cleared to the Glenrowan Tigers from his Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League club.  Glenrowan play in the Ovens & King League.  They played their first game a week or so before Easter so although there was never any intention of The Fev playing with them he was deemed to have served has suspension. (BTW Glenrowan could have done with The Fev….they have copped a couple of hidings in the first two rounds).  All that remained to be done was for Glenrowan to issue a permit for The Fev to play with Yarrawonga.

There is no doubt that Yarrawonga was alive with anticipation at the thought of The Fev pulling on the blue and white hoops.  I was there a couple of weeks beforehand and on Vodusek’s  butchery A frame in Belmore Street was the notice “Italian Sausages….hotter than Fev”.

Come Easter Sunday the fans came out in droves.  The Fev, a beautiful but cool North Eastern autumn day, and  happy holidaymakers resulted in a crowd reported to be 8000 strong.  They were not disappointed.  The match was a thrilling draw and The Fev kicked seven.  But wait…there’s more.  He was also reported for striking.  Under the rules of the competition he could fight the charge or he could accept the set penalty of one week.  Now this is where it gets interesting again.  Fev’s reported arrangement with Yarrawonga was to only play home games.  He wouldn’t be playing the next week anyway.  Again suspension served.  Q. When is a penalty not a penalty?  A. When Fev gets suspended for a week.

In a further quirky development in the Fev story, Myrtleford have announced that they will pay The Fev to play against them.

ABC radio reported on the Tuesday that a record number of pies had been sold in Yarrawonga/Mulwala over the weekend so I guess The Fev is partly responsible for that. A golf acquaintance who was at the match mentioned to me that the hooped Yarrawonga jumper made our hero look as though he had eaten a few of the aforesaid pies himself.

Many north eastern footy fans have misgivings about the nature of The Fev’s path from the MPNFL to the O&M and the manner in which the first suspension was served.  It could be argued that the end  justifies the means.  For mine it is simply another example which demonstrates that what is legal is not necessarily moral or ethical. There is little doubt however that The Fev’s  presence has stirred up interest in O & M footy.


Andrew Walker


  1. Great stuff, Andrew. I wasn’t aware there was so much hooha involved in getting Fev there on the day!

  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    The big question is – Will playing footy interfere with his efforts on ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

  3. Richard Naco says

    I’ve seen the footage.

    Fev looks to have certainly tucked into more than a few of this pies.

  4. Great piece Andrew. My god – will the ‘Fev’ train ever end!! Well if his presence and uncanny knack for goalkicking, no matter his condition, help the regional leagues then so be it. It’s still the best decision Carlton have made since they got rid of Big Jack Elliot. Onward and Upward :):):)

  5. Rocket Nguyen says

    At the end of the day I don’t think this will help Yarra end their 3 losing GF streak…………..

    Great to see triple premier Albury Tigers beaten by Myrtleford last weekend!

    Also Ganmain beaten in the Riverina league after 40 wins by neighbours Coolamon. Well done Hoppers!

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