Getting some dirt off your boots

Following on from his earlier piece about on-field bullying, Dave Brown finds consolation in the return fixture

The reluctant coach

As fill-in coach for his children’s junior soccer team, Jeff Dowsing is learning about emotion and decision-making – “Ange Postecoglou has nothing to fear.”

Kids – Wrapping It Up

Matt Zurbo wraps up his series on coaching tips and gives some final advice.

Kids 14: Follow-Up

Matt Zurbo on the importance of the communication between a coach and his kids away from the game.

Kids 13: Seniors

Matt Zurbo on how to deal with kids who are being pushed for senior footy.

Kids 12: Prep and Plan

Matt Zurbo on how to teach the kids about preparation and planning.

Kids 11: Strategies

Matt Zurbo continues his series on coaching kids. Here he gives some ideas on how to teach kids about strategy.

Kids 10: The Muppet

Matt Zurbo on how to coach the kids who struggle with the basic skills of football.

Kids 9: Fun

Matt Zurbo gives tips on how to keep football fun for the kids.

Kids 8: Parents

Matt Zurbo on how to handle and deal with parents.

Kids 7: Jets

Matt Zurbo continues his series on coaching kids. Here are some suggestions for what to do with the better-skilled kids in the team.

Kids 6: Quitting

Matt Zurbo continues his series junior coaching. Here’s his suggestion on what to do if a kid feels like quitting.

Kids5: Supporters’ awards

Matt Zurbo continues his series on coaching young footballers. Here’s another suggestion – which doesn’t cost much.

Kids 3. Body Language

Matt Zurbo’s writings on coaching kids continues. Part three is about body language; “Coaching kids who are losing each week is the best challenge there is in football… You have to speak from your ribs. You have to believe, or there’s no point at all.”

Kids 2. First Give Them Fire

Matt Zurbo on coaching juniors: Part 2. “The biggest mistake you can make is treating them like kids…”

Kids 1

Matt Zurbo begins a 15-part series on coaching kids. Here’s some suggestions which I suspect you wouldn’t have thought of before. [Wish you were my coach Old Dog – Ed]

This series will run Monday-Friday for three weeks.