Kids – Wrapping It Up


Try to lead from the front. If you do it right, coaching will make you a better player.

Have a saying or three that kids can throw back at you. If they do, with dopy piss-take grins on their faces, it means the sayings are working. That they sunk in.

My best were –

A Premiership is like a tattoo for your heart!

People say; “If you go in hard you won’t get hurt.” Bullshit! Lies. It’s a contact sport. The difference is, if you go in hard and get hurt, the pain won’t be a thing of shame, it will be a point of pride.
Footballers are creatures of habit. Get into the good ones.

Football is a reflection of life, you get out of it what you put into it. (Geez I said that lots)
It’s not a punishment, it’s a reward!


How good was that!



I used to say stuff like that all the time…!

Now it’s late on a Saturday night. I’ve missed my chance to go out, but that’s fine. All of this is just my various opinions. Even if you disagree, hopefully at least it has you thinking about the job ahead. Good luck! It’s the best gig in football!





  1. Thanks heaps, Knackers, for putting all these up. Stoked! Hope some people got something out of it.

  2. Peter Fuller says

    The whole series has been superb – thought-provoking, relevant, imaginative.
    I haven’t coached and it’s certainly passed me by now. I do regret not having tested myself in that way. My alibi was that I’ve made an ordinary job of managing three boys, so I don’t know that I’d be competent trying to handle 20-30.
    What I can say unreservedly,that I would have been a much poorer coach for not having this manual had I made the attempt.

  3. Thanks Peter! Shame you never got to coach kids. Sure you did other great stuff.

  4. Malby Dangles says

    Some wonderful wisdom here, Matty. I think there’s a lot that can be used in other aspects of life.

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