Almanac Poetry: The Bluestone Step of the Sherritt Hut

Kevin Densley considers this ‘perhaps the most chilling episode in Australian bushranging history’ – step into his reflective poetry on the execution-style killing of Aaron Sherritt by the Kelly Gang’s Joe Byrne.

Almanac Teams: A Real Bushrangers’ Australian Test Cricket Eleven

As cricket season is now here, KD puts forward an Australian Test cricket team of historical bushrangers, as a companion piece to his Almanac post where he selected a real bushrangers’ football team.

Almanac Poetry: Three Bushranger Trials, Berrima, New South Wales, September 1841

This week’s poem by Kevin Densley concerns crime and punishment in the early colonial days of New South Wales.

Almanac Poetry: Fake Ned

Kevin Densley’s poem concerns a photograph which was at one time verified as being of Ned Kelly, but later proved not to be so.

Almanac Poetry: Jack Bradshaw and ‘Lovely’ Riley

This week, it’s ‘back to bushranging’ in the poetry of Kevin Densley – but his subjects, in this instance, Jack Bradshaw and ‘Lovely’ Riley, are not your typical bushrangers. His poem is about the exploits of a pair of oddballs who ‘were more like a bad vaudeville act than a duo to be feared.’

Almanac Teams: A Real Bushrangers’ Australian Rules “Twenty”

This week, KD supplies an Australian Rules bushrangers’ “Twenty”, made up of actual bushrangers. You know it’s a strong side when ‘Bold Jack’ Donohue, ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’, just scrapes in on a half-back flank!

Almanac Poetry: Souvenir Postcard – Photographed by Mr Henry Poil – Wangaratta, Victoria, April 9 1865

Dead bushranger Dan Morgan on a postcard? Yes, you read that correctly. Kevin Densley explains in his poem this week.

Almanac Poetry: Bushranger Harry Power

Kevin Densley shares the story of Harry Power in his poem this week, the ‘tutor’ of Ned Kelly.

Almanac Teams: Bushrangers

Glen! selects a team inspired by Australian bushrangers. Yes, he found room for a couple of Kellys, though they aren’t brothers.