Almanac History – Ned Kelly the Fugitive: Three Newspaper Articles from 1880

This Friday’s column from KD is an historical piece highlighting three highly interesting 1880 newspaper reports connected to the Kelly Gang’s activities – especially Ned’s – after the Stringybark Creek murders of October 1878. One report concerns Ned and Joe Byrne being seen together in women’s clothing!

Almanac Poetry: A Notable Colonial Fistfight

Kevin Densley pays poetic tribute to an epic stoush between Ned Kelly and Isaiah ‘Wild’ Wright which took place 147 years ago this week.

Almanac Poetry: Kate Kelly (1863-1898)

Kate Kelly, Ned’s sister, is the subject of this week’s poem by Kevin Densley.

Almanac Poetry: Fake Ned

Kevin Densley’s poem concerns a photograph which was at one time verified as being of Ned Kelly, but later proved not to be so.

Almanac Life: Longing for the open road

Born to travel, Nicole Kelly hit the bitumen alone and unbridled in the waning weeks of 2020. Beechworth in the heart of Kelly Country was her destination, but this story is mainly about the journey and trips that came before.

Book Review: ‘Lament’ by Nicole Kelly

Mickey Randall reviews fellow Almanacker Nicole Kelly’s recent release ‘Lament’.

Almanac Book Launch – ‘Lament’ by Nicole Kelly: A time to toast!

The social gathering limitations imposed by COVID-19 might be a wet blanket for some, but for Nicole Kelly it provides an opportunity to invite the whole Almanac community to the online launch of her novel ‘Lament’ next month.

Almanac Poetry: In a Kelly town museum

In today’s poem, Kevin Densley goes ‘a bit abstract’, to use his own words, with a Ned Kelly theme about going to a museum in Kelly Country as a kid and seeing two particularly interesting artefacts side by side.

Almanac Literary: Lament in 2020

Nicole Kelly discusses some of the background information about her forthcoming book, ‘Lament’ in the lead up to its publication in October.

Almanac Poetry: Bushranger Harry Power

Kevin Densley shares the story of Harry Power in his poem this week, the ‘tutor’ of Ned Kelly.

Almanac Poetry: Stringybark Creek

The mere mention of the words “Stringybark Creek” (site of the Kelly gang police murders) send a shudder right through Kevin Densley, illustrated by this week’s poem.

Almanac Poetry: Ned Kelly’s Last Hours

More Australian poetry of our historic past by Kevin Densley; this time Ned Kelly awaits the gallows.

Almanac Teams: Bushrangers

Glen! selects a team inspired by Australian bushrangers. Yes, he found room for a couple of Kellys, though they aren’t brothers.

Poem – Brief Sketches of Members of the Kelly Gang

Kevin Densley, on the Kelly Gang members.

Marsh Community Series – Richmond v Collingwood: Passing through Wangaratta

Like Ned Kelly and Stevie J before him, John Green passed through Wangaratta. His trip led to a relaxing day watching Richmond and Collingwood prepare for the season ahead.

Umpire and Fans: Yelling at the sky

Dips O’Donnell tries to unpick the latest controversy regarding umpire abuse. His advice to the people in green? Don’t take it personally, because it isn’t really about you.

Blues in Echuca

From blues music to bare knuckle boxing (and a little mention of footy), Glen! takes us through some history of Echuca and surrounds.

Almanac Poetry: Number 10

Poet Stephen Whiteside has sent in his latest – which brings together Kevin Sheedy, Bluey Shelton and Ned Kelly.

Yoshi in Melbourne: All-in-One City Tour organised by Freddy’s Bike Tour

Yoshi certainly kept busy while in Melbourne. Here he tells the story of the historical tour he did on Freddy’s Tour.

Jim Stynes statue: the photo, the conversation

A statue, a conversation with 9-year-old Harry; observations and photograph thanks to Sasha Lennon.