Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: I could gloat – but I refuse!

The stats don’t interest Jan, the speculation doesn’t interest her. All she wants is for the Swans to continue playing good hard-fought contested footy, as they have in recent weeks, then all the hype can take care of itself. Jan is a happy lady at the moment! Maybe into September? Who knows!

Round 6 – Carlton v Sydney: A Train Without a Brake Van

A dispirited Daniel Saunders provides his thoughts on the Swans’ performance.

Swans 2016: What Comes Before Pre

Rejoice. Mathilde is back for 2016. “It’s easy at the start of the season to take up the obvious, reassuring footy narrative. Positive thinking, the best of sports science mindfulness, confidence and pre-emptive strength. But the fact is, that the intra-club is the very beginning of something, the plan before it’s even hatched and we don’t know what will come. It can’t ever be truly mapped or pre-prepared. And it cannot be hurried. This is true light heartedness…”

Round 15 – Brisbane v Sydney: Voices and footy

Aristotle knew a thing or two about getting a kick and the team first mentality when he stated that a whole was the sum of its parts. Keiran Croker shows how a choir and a footy team have more in common than you might think.

I Need to be in Drummoyne

Their first date at Marrickville went surprisingly well, and after their second date at Drummoyne, Mathilde de Hauteclocque is well and truly in love with suburban footy.

AFL Round 11 – Adelaide v Sydney: Slow start, supersonic finish

It was an agonising trip to the City of Churches to watch his Swans but, after their perfect display against the Crows, Tom Bally was in no hurry to leave.