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Round 6 – Carlton v Sydney: A Train Without a Brake Van

2:10pm, Saturday 29 May
Melbourne, MCG
Daniel Saunders (age 15)


Knock knock. Who’s there? Owen. Owen who? Owen Six.


Absolutely hilarious. So original.


Maybe I would be laughing too if the teasing was not directed at the Swans. But seriously, this joke changes every single week, and people still think it’s absolutely gelastic.


Guys, we get it. We know the situation. We have no need for somebody to come up to us every five minutes and say: “Did you see Brandon Jack get run down with an open goal?”


When you know the answer is always going to be in the affirmative with me, what is the point of asking me in the first place?


I didn’t expect us to blow the Bluebaggers inside out. I didn’t expect us to lose either.


Our defending was deplorable. Sloppy turnovers, tackles that didn’t stick, getting in each other’s way, you name it. The team that conceded 67.4 points on average last year making mistakes, left, right and centre.


The first half was sloppy, but we did have the upper hand going into the main break. As for the second half? It was the perfect display of a team that was dysfunctional and had their head in the clouds. We receive a free kick for holding the ball early on, and Zak Jones has a brain fade which reverses the decision and results in a Weitering goal. Suddenly, we trail by over a kick.


Things don’t get any better when Gary Rohan gets taken to hospital after a sickening fall. Though, it is fair to say that it was all his own doing, for choosing to jump rather than use his body. This is where I expect the play to stop and the stretcher to do its job.


“Play on!” calls the umpire.


Despite several marks being taken in the following few seconds, and the umps having several opportunities to stop the play, they are hesitant. I choke the urge to curse as the Blues kick a goal from this passage of play.


They then kick another one by some miracle from Sam Wright, and I feel as if I am going to barf. Twenty-three points is the margin. And from the way the Swans had played up until that point, I am left with little hope that we could make a comeback.


But they respond with the next two, and bring it back to single digits. We are very much in it, and have the momentum going into the final change.


From there, the Swans capitulate as Brandon Jack makes the mistake that I mentioned previously. Not the first time he has squandered a golden opportunity in front of goal.


At this point, I give up. Kicking eight goals up to three-quarter time is not acceptable, and certainly not a score that will get them up against the bigger and stronger teams.


We go down by 19 points. Unacceptable, really. We cannot blame injuries for this dilemma that we find ourselves in after six rounds. This is going to be a long season. A lot of rebuilding will need to be done. Based on what I have seen, we do not have the capacity to make the finals. I just do not see how our misfiring forward line and our under-performing superstars can kick a winning score, particularly if we lose to a team who lost by 90 points the previous week.


This is the day I dreaded. I never expected this. Coming off a great season in 2016, I don’t think anybody expected this. Nineteen points seems like a lot more when coming up against another side going into a rebuild. Our team is in a crisis. A calamitous situation that Longmire will struggle to wrap his head around.


From hunting to hunted, our season is in jeopardy.


The Swans are a runaway train, and they have no brake van to stop them from the inevitable crash.


CARLTON:   1.3    5.4    10.7     15.7     (97)

SYDNEY:     3.2    6.6    8.10    11.12    (78)



Carlton: Wright 4, Casboult, Kreuzer 2; Weitering, Petrevski-Seton, Simpson, C. Curnow, E. Curnow, Cripps, Smedts

Sydney: Papley 2, Hayward 2, Franklin, Heeney, Hannebery, Kennedy, Jones, Sinclair, Parker



Carlton: Docherty, Murphy, Wright, Simpson, Cripps, Casboult, E. Curnow

Sydney: Lloyd, Heeney, Parker, Kennedy, Papley


Umpires: Findlay, Harris, McInerney

Official crowd: 32,678

Our Votes: Simpson (Carl) 3, Docherty (Carl) 2, Cripps (Carl) 1

About Daniel Saunders

I have been an AFL fanatic and Swans supporter for most of my life, much to the dismay of those around me; they never hear the end of it! What else do you expect from New South Wales school life?


  1. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Hi Daniel. Yes, it’s tough going for Swans fans right now. And probably tougher going for Swans players.
    I wish that they had even half the energy of a runaway train!

  2. Keiran Croker says

    Hi Daniel,
    Yes, its very frustrating at the moment. However as a 15y.o you have had a good run with the Swans. Do you have memories of 2005?
    As a nearly 60y.o I have ridden the wave of supporting South Melbourne and Sydney. The last 20 years has been a joy. We are a well run club and well coached side, so am positive we will bounce back.
    The rebuild is already on, as we have the 3rd youngest squad in the competition. Recruiting over recent years look to be good, with many promising players. I think why we are struggling so much is that much of our recruiting from 4 to 5 years back has proved to be ordinary. Only Rampe and Lloyd are top players, with the remainders just being average at best.
    I’m confident though that if we are to be down for awhile, its will not be long. Keep the faith!

  3. Peter_B says

    “I’m worried about you
    I’m worried about me
    The curves around midnight
    Aren’t easy to see
    Flashing red warnings
    Unseen in the rain
    This thing has turned into
    A runaway train

    Blind boys and gamblers
    They invented the Blues
    Will pay up in blood
    When this marker comes due
    To try and get off now
    It’s about as insane
    As those who wave lanterns
    At runaway trains”

  4. Daniel Saunders says

    Hi Kieran, it’s definitely been a hell of a ride. I only really started watching footy in 2012, so I don’t have memories of 2005. But the 2012 Premiership lives on inside of me! Rampe Lloyd Heeney and Mills I think are the main four bonuses we have received over the last 5 years. If we can keep on going with these guys, and hopefully get McVeigh and Rampe back, we may just be able to revive our season!

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