Grand Final 2015 – What West Coast can learn from Hawthorn’s recent defeats

Saturday promises to be an intriguing Grand Final; Hawthorn have contested the last four Grand Finals, while this is West Coast’s first appearance on the big day since their 2006 triumph. Can youthful enthusiasm trump over experience? Does Hawthorn have an chillies heel? Alex Darling looks at how the Eagles can knock off the reigning premiers.

No. 4 Ronin: Bryce Gibbs & the power of the man-bun

Carlton’s new secret weapon? The Ancient Samurai wisdom, talent and composure sustained from… the man-bun!

Hawks’ Secret Revealed – Copy the Uni Blacks

Ray Wilson has listen to all the experts explain what happened out there on Saturday. But he knows they have missed the boat, because he has the inside knowledge. [Well there you have it – Ed]