Sydney Almanackers’ get-together

Greetings Tipsters

There’s a tide of enthusiasm running toward Henson Park. The Sydney Football League draw is attached, premier division, of course, for premier people like us. Let’s look a few weeks ahead so folks can make arrangements and avoid clashing with a Swans match.

How about Saturday 14 July, UNSW-East v Manly-Warringah? Grandad played for East Sydney in the 1920s.

Beer, ice cream, meat pies, available at the ground.

Your thoughts and suggestions, Tipsters, take it away!

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  1. I will be a starter. As former Balmain player I am unfortunately unavailable for on field work

  2. Nice idea, Earl, but I’ll be in Melbourne for our game against North. Have fun!

  3. A great idea. Will see if I can make it along.

  4. Earl O'Neill says

    The date is only a suggestion. Jan, we’ll change it cos it wouldn’t be a Sydney Almanackers meeting without you. Sunday 5 August, 1210 start at Henson, Swans at home Satnite.
    Nank, relying on you for pointed loud comments.

  5. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    I’ll be on Moreton Island on July 14th eating French pastries for Bastille Day.
    But I could def do August 5th.

  6. Sunday 5 aug we get Jan and mathilde. They can do sydney almanackers team painting

  7. Are you referring to the food and footy festival, Earl? is 12.10 the start of a game? We could make it for a while, have to be back in Surry Hills at 3pm. And what is an almanackers team painting, Nank?

    Have you been in touch with Tom Bally, who expressed interest in an earlier mention.

  8. Earl O'Neill says

    Match starts at 1210.
    So, 5 August at Henson Park. See you then, folks.
    JTH, can you put the date in the heading and stick it on the home page?

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