Sydney Almanackers’ Football Lunch (Aug 11)


Greetings and salutations


Friends and fans, ’tis time leave the sanctity of the typewriter, venture forth to chew the fat, shoot the breeze, nosh on fancy cheeses, deli meats and seven different types of bread, Golden Gaytimes and Pine-Lime Splices and dig the local football!


The place of pace is Henson Park, cycling venue for the 1938 Empire Games, Saturday, 11 August.


The game being played is: UNSW East Sydney v East Coast Eagles


Earl doesn’t always answer his phone promptly but if you leave a message of voice or text on 0404 369957, he will get back to you.  Possibly with a bad pun.


Let us meet for lunch rather than brunch
Slightly north of the main stand, toward flank, look for me, Perky Girl and
Chappy the super terrier.


I shall check local ordnances re gas fired hotplates, cos spicy fried eggs would be nice. Should the weather turn inclement, we can take shelter in the King George V memorial grandstand.


Perky Girl, Chappy and I look forward to meeting the people behind the avatars.


All the  best, Tipsters.


Please feel free to just turn up. Or if you would like to let us know you’re coming [email protected]



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  1. Peter warrington says

    mmm i may struggle but reclink Cup is a fortnight later on the 19th. we usually head down to razz Albo and contemplate the streak. we could do a meet-up that day, instead/as well?

  2. Are we supposed to actually confirm, Earl? We’ll be there before the game. (If we happen to lose the previous night against Collingwood, well, not sure whether I’ll have my happy-face on). I might not even want to get out of bed!

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    Folks, no need to confirm, just show up. There are acres of hill available at Henson Park. Perky Girl, Chappy and I will establish a base camp near the boundary a little north of the grandstand. Out-of-towners (like you, Jan) may wish to stock up on snax at the nearby Marrickville Metro, the grooviest little shopping mall in Sydney.

  4. Jan Courtin says

    Will be in Melbourne that weekend, Earl

  5. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Definitely hoping to be there!

  6. Was going last weekend (5/8), as originally planned, Earl, but hopefully you noticed my more recent comment above. As the date was changed, we can’t make it. Flying to Melbourne for this weekend’s game against Melbourne.
    Enjoy the day.

  7. Earl O'Neill says

    Greetings Tipsters
    Look forward to seeing you Saturday. Jan, shame you won’t be there but I may be at the Showground Saturday week.
    Hotplate is unlikely but we’ll be stocking up at the Greek deli beforehand.
    May your team win unless they’re playing mine.

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