Still in the hunt

Richmond versus North Melbourne

2.10pm, Sunday, July 18


The Eureka Game

Despite the fact the Tigers are aiming for five wins in a row for the first time since KB was running around, and we were put to sleep by the Swanzzzzz last week, and Petrie and Thomas re-join Anthony and Ziebell on the injury list, and Edwards has been brought in which is never a good thing, I reckon we’ll beat the Tigers today.  They’re due to drop one – a month without a loss is un-Tiger like – and we need to win to keep in touch with the Eight.  We should be too talented across the ground.

I’m relieved to see Grima back in.  He has the athleticism and strength to handle Jumping Jack Riewoldt.

The rain settles in for the afternoon during the warm-up and when Goldstein begins at half-forward, Hansen and Edwards in the square and Campbell our only small forward, I wonder out loud to my mates Steve and Dom if we’re a bit top heavy in these conditions.  We’ve taken our seats second tier, Ponsford Stand, city end.  There’s a good crowd in.

The first quarter is pretty even.  Cousins is winning around the stoppages and Deledio is clearing easily from defence.  King kicks the first goal of the match.

Adams and Boomer are enjoying the slippery and wet conditions.  Adams is full of run and kicks 1.2 for the term.  Firrito, playing on Cuz, drifts forward and kicks a beautiful set shot from the boundary.  We hit the post twice and lead by 5 points.

Cuz and Deledio continue winning clearances early in the second term.  Jack slips away from Grima and kicks his first to the delight of the Tiger Army.  His second comes just before half-time.

North look better as the quarter progresses.  Goldstein and Hamish control the ruck and Swallow is feeding off their dominance.  Firrito’s throwing his weight around.  Greenwood is having a ball.  He looks like the proverbial boy on the beach, hungrily digging deep into the wet sand and building castles in the sky.  He’s doing the job on Cotchin whose frustration boils over and he cleans up Wright.  He’ll get weeks for that.

Adams kicks his second and with four goals to three for the term, our lead has stretched to 14 points at half-time.

Steve’s a Roo who has brought the family up from Warrnambool.  He’s allowed his young son Fraser to adopt the Tigers in what Dom considers a form of child abuse.  Fraser’s a bit quiet during the main break and Steve thinks we’ve got the Tigers’ measure.  I agree, but with Deledio’s influence so far, I’m still wondering if our forward line is a bit tall.

Dom’s a Bomber and admits he didn’t go to the debacle against the Eagles at the Docklands last night.  He watched from the comfort of the couch before crying himself to sleep.  Fortunately for him, he possesses that generic Bomber arrogance and is quick to add, ‘We’ll be back’.  He’s looking forward to round 19 and ruining Carlton’s season.

I needn’t have worried.  Goldstein and Swallow combine to drive us forward during the third term. Campbell darts and swoops and kicks two.  Pratty slips forward and goals.

The Tigers spend the quarter either chasing opponents or turning the ball over.  Their only score comes when Jack hits the post.  He needs help up forward.  Richmond don’t need another lone star like Richo.

The lead is 46 points at three-quarter time.  Game over.

Any intensity in the match has gone in the final term.  Swallow completes a Eureka Medal, best on ground performance. Goldstein and McIntosh have given Vickery and Graham lessons in the art of ruck work. Adams kicks his third, Hansen, his second.

Riewoldt kicks his third in what has been a pretty flat performance from the Tigers.  Some of the army leave early.  They don’t look too disappointed – maybe they were expecting a loss.  Five in a row was just too much to contemplate.

The 50 point margin is our biggest for the season.  We face the struggling Bombers next week, and with it a chance to move into the Eight.  It’s a game we should win, however, Dom reckons the Bombers are a good chance.

Richmond                          1.5   4.7   4.8   7.11      (53)
North Melbourne              2.4  6.9  11.12  15.13 (103)


Riewoldt 3; King, Collins, McGuane, Nahas
North Melbourne: Adams 3; Campbell, Hansen 2; Firrito, Harvey, Goldstein, Swallow, Wells, Pratt, Urquhart, Warren


Cousins, Deledio, Tuck, Martin
North Melbourne: Swallow, Goldstein, Adams, Firrito, McIntosh, Rawlings

Official crowd: 42,723 at the MCG

The Jason Danilchenko Award

3 – Swallow

2 – Goldstein

1 – Adams


  1. Nice report Andrew.

    I’m still soaking wet from this game, I braved the elements on the wing and I was a shivering mess by the end, couldn’t even clap or cheer to the last quarter goals.

    Loved the celebration the North boys did after kicking a goal, don’t know if you noticed it.

    Bit harsh on Edwards, I like it when he’s in the team. He might not do much in some games but he does have that potential to do something, just remember the Semi-Final night in 2007.

    Never felt more confident of a win when I saw N. Grima back in the side, but I can’t help but feel worried about the game on Saturday night. North always lose these ones.

    Go Roos.

  2. Danielle says

    Naww come on Mr.Starkie
    every team needs that dash of ‘pretty’
    and Edwards (along with Swallow) does that for North.
    While on the topic, every team also needs a dash of roughness (Boomer)
    but are you missing ex-North roughie Leigh Brown?
    He’s doing very well and he’s keeping Fraser out so i’m VERY happy.


  3. smokie88 says

    Sorry Josh. I must agree with Andrew…
    Edwards is now just playing out time. Unfortunately, he is too slow to be a
    flanker-type, and not tall enough to hold down a key position.

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