Stereo Story: Rick Kane. Ben Lee. Good grief.

A mix tape for mourning? Rick Kane’s latest Stereo Story is typically candid and insightful:

On receiving the news that Mum was in her final days I readied myself to fly home to Perth. One of the things I did before I left was make up a CD for the family; music to console ourselves following the inevitable next stage of Mum’s terminal illness. I know my family. We would grieve deeply but we would also need a valve, to let out everything we can’t explain. Everything we can’t fathom. Everything and nothing.

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  1. Hi

    I’m blowing the old trumpet here but in case your interested, Ben Lee and his Mum have both read and commented on my latest Stereo Story.

    While you’re at Stereo Stories stay and read any number of fantastic essays.


  2. Hi Rick me ole WISE buddy. Greatly moved by the intimacy of your memoir. Your mum would be proud of you.

    PS Discovered ‘Deadwood’ recently. I recall you recommended it while having a dig at ‘Madmen”? Anyway, it is as you said. Brilliant, brilliant TV in this age of brilliant brilliant TV

  3. Good grief that was well written. One of the great things that comes from the death of someone close is the affirming and the reaffirming, of close bonds. This story demonstrates that.

  4. Moving. Here’s to your Mum – and music, and words, especially Ben Lee’s and yours. Thanks R. Kane

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