Stereo Story: karaoke in North Korea

You’re in North Korea. On a holiday. You’re in a karaoke bar. What song do you choose? Nathan Johnson opted for a Tears For Fears tune. Only after he’d finished his holiday and left the country did he realise the irony of his choice.

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  1. I once chose the 1985 international hit Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer from a karaoke list – one of my greatest ever vocal performances.

  2. go for the whole album…”Bombs away Dream Baby”! (John Stewart, 1979)

  3. Andrew Weiss says

    I wonder how the locals would go if you sang “Turning Japanese” at a North Korean Karaoke bar?

  4. Spies like Us (Paul McCartney ’86) or maybe Die another Day (Madonna ’02)

  5. Paul Young says

    I would walk out the front, pick up the microphone and explain that the song I have chosen is unlikely to be on the karaoke list. That I would be singing an Australian traditional song very popular at functions to honour the host and that if they cared to join in they would be most welcome….
    Yep I wonder how “Hooray for Kim Jong-un, Hooray at last”….would go down.

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