Stereo Story – a neck brace and RocKwiz

Amongst the contestants on last night’s RocKwiz repeat was Stereo Stories’ writer/singer/guitarist Stephen Andrew. Stephen was the chap wearing the neck brace, sitting beside Dave Faulkner. (Courtney Barnett was the guest on the opposition team.)

Stephen writes about the fun of being a RocKwiz contestant:

I end up semi-volunteering to be one of 24 potential contestants. In the pre-show warm up I’m sharper than I thought I would be and end up making the final four. Backstage as we prepare for the show itself, I meet Julia Zemiro, the show’s vivacious host. She spots my neck brace. (It’s hard to miss.) She touches me on the arm. “What happened?” I explain briefly. She shows genuine concern before adding, with a glint, that she is glad I am here; “I’ll be able to work with your neck brace all night!”

Read the full story at our partner site Stereo Stories.

(Stephen is a prolific contributor to Stereo Stories: writing about punk, disco, art rock, Frank Zappa, Slim Dusty, Wilco….)


  1. bernard whimpress says

    I saw the show last night Stephen – odd that I missed it the first time. At one stage I was concerned you were going to laugh yourself out of the brace. Wow, not only surviving death but being touched on the arm by Julia – life surely can’t get any better.

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