Almanac Fans Research: How’s your heart rate?

We were alerted to this particular English Premier League fan survey, which is conducted annually. We’re not entirely sure if this is a measure of fans’ devotion to their respective teams, or more an indicator of diet and exercise patterns in different parts of England. We’ll let you decide that one. asked 200 supporters from each Premier League team to wear heart rate monitoring watches the day before and during two of their teams’ games. The heart rate (BPM) of fans during both games was then measured to answer the question: which Premier League team’s fans are the most stressed?


Burnley FC fans are the most stressed with a 90% increase in heart rate when watching their team play (71 BMP to 135 BPM);

The least stressed supporters are Everton’s, only averaging a 40% increase across both matches (81 BPM to 113 BPM);

Spurs were second to last on the list, with heart rates only having a 44% increase during play;

Manchester United have the highest continuous heart rate during their games averaging at 147 throughout play;

The lowest heart rates were Southampton’s, recording the lowest BPM throughout their team’s games at an average heart rate of 111 BPM.


You can see more detail from the survey  HERE.


This leads us to wonder what AFL or NRL fans might look like if similarly tested. Are Saints or Western Bulldogs fans more anxious than others? Are Cowboys fans more relaxed? What about State of Origin fans? Do West Coast fans even have a heart?


We invite your speculations.



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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    The heart rate monitors, if on Bomber supporters would go through the roof! It can be extremely stressful watching the Bombers play!

  2. Col, would that be a heart rate monitor or a defibrillator – or both?

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