Sorry Tazza…I LOVE YOU! *blubbers*

Wasteful and lost.

That’s how my boys looked, up until the fourth quarter.

From a Magpie’s perceptive it was a shocking effort for the majority of the game.

Can I ask, was I the only one who had a mini heart attack when Blair out of all people, was picked as the sub for Didak?

I’m not complaining about the fact that Didak was ‘activated’ lol knew he wasn’t human! But I’m thinking having Blair on the bench is like throwing chocolate on the floor, such a waste!

Next I have to give credit to my boys for really getting things together. It looked like a lost cause, it really did, but it shows just how classy and tight as a team they are.

Krakouer almost has me now.

I told you all it would take a bit of time for me to get used to the new number 7.

A few goals, a ripper mark, I’m almost sold- he just needs consistency in performances.


Daisy, Daisy, DAISY you champion! Get pen to paper my boy, cos we NEED you in Collingwood stripes forever and ever!

Heath Shaw, that goal he kicked on the run, which was- OMG, DROP TO THE KNEES worthy!!! Do that more often Heath!!!

Last, but not least Chris Tarrant.

Now I know I have had hard feelings towards him ever since he came back to Collingwood. But today his contribution on the score board, which caused special sorts of special jumper grabbing pride celebrations, I will honestly say brought tears to my eyes.

He kicked his second in the fourth term and grabbed his Collingwood strip with passion I haven’t seen in a very long time. That’s it happened. Just seeing that, how happy and proud he was to be in Black and White, how much he really wanted to be apart of this premiership team- that’s how Chris Tarrant made me cry.  <3 <3 <3

COLLINGWOOD 2.6 2.10 9.12 20.15 (135)
ADELAIDE 4.1 8.4 12.6 14.8 (92)

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  1. Danni,

    how did you think the new Freo recruit went?

  2. Danni – Pendlebury’s one year deal has the smell and look of the Ablett “will he or won’t he?” saga. 2012 will see the media asking this question every week of Pendles and Collingwood. Get Buckley to ring Geelong to figure out the best (or worst) way to handle it.

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    Don’t listen to them Danni. There is nothing more certain than Pendles staying at Collingwood and he will be our next Captain. He doesn’t need to move interstate to get access to such a position.

    If I was at a workplace and knew that there was a general payrise forthcoming, perhaps in the vicinity of 20 to 25 per cent, I know I wouldn’t be signing on to a deal that guarantees I miss out on the lift. A one-year contract extension at this point of time looks a very sensible move.

  4. Danielle says

    Phantom- i will answer that when he is actually given a fair go to find his place in his new side.

    Dips- doubt it, Pendles wouldn’t leave. As Andrew said, he know that we are offering him things that Geelong didn’t to Ablett- the captaincy AND the great Nathan Buckley as coach!
    Don’t worry Andrew, i know he wont go.
    Things are looking too good at Collingwood ;)

  5. Danni sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but…. he’s going alright. Not next year but the year after. He knows.

    Au secours! Ce n’est pas Le Bleus avec Micky.

  6. forwardpocket says

    An awesome display in the last quarter. The scenes when Thomas went to the bench after kicking his torp were like Makybe Diva returning to the mounting yard after cup number 3.

  7. Danielle says

    phantom….? Help! This is not The Blues with Mickey???? :s im CONFUZZELD more than i am in my neuroscience lectures!

    forwardpockect- <3 beautiful imagery!!!

    and now back to my studying….5 hours of torture so far.

  8. Oui. C’est Les Bleus avec Micky (M) dans 2013.

  9. Andrew Fithall says

    Phantom – a few butter menthols and perhaps gargle some aspirin and that might soothe the frog in your throat. Sadly, I don’t have a simple remedy for your deranged mind.

  10. I may be deranged Andrew, but I am terribly good at it. One of the best, if I say so myself.

    I still think there is a likelyhood of Mick taking Pendles at the end of next year. Mick will not play second fiddle to any one and the damage of an uncommitted coach who is about to leave can have an unsavoury effect on domestic matters within a footy club. Refer Cats 2010.

    Although there is a stoic we ‘will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them on the streets…’; hang on that cant’ be right ‘we will fight them on the MCG’ approach from the Pie paddock the one year Pendles contract would be a worry.

    The wax on the wings will soften as they fly higher and closer to the sun.

  11. watt price tully? says

    1. Pendles will remain, good dal with the increasing $ flowing to all teams next year. Andrew Fithall is 100% correct.
    2. Daisy will sign shortlly.
    3. MM will remain as he is designing his own job at Collingwood as we write. As sure as night follows day. he has said more than once he really never got to see his children grow up because of the commitment AFL coaching requires. He doesn’t want to repeat that mistake with his grandchildren (current & expected).
    4. All is well while Collingwood keeps on winning most of the time these days.
    5. What a last quarter against Adelaide, never seen anything like it – well apart from the demolotion of Geelong in the prelim last year.
    6. Who says Collingwood doesn’t travel? – I believe “we” went to Etihad last week.

  12. Try this.

    Pies have injuries but a good list to fill in. Players come in and play well hoping to consolidate. Others get over injuries and the fill ins are dropped and miss out on finals that they helped get the club to. They become very disgruntled and ask to be traded or go into the draft. Strong lists can become softer quicker than you can say ‘you are back in the twos’.

  13. PS. Only Andrew Fithall’s wife and one daughter are 100% correct. They support the Cats.

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