Smokie’s Stereo Story: Before too long – he’ll wish that he never met you

Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson debuts on the Stereo Stories website with a tale of how Paul Kelly’s “Before too Long” helped him realise that he and Christina were not destined for each other.

(In the interests of editorial fairness, the Almanac would be happy to publish your version of events, Christina – Ed.)


  1. Gulp
    You mean she could actually still be out there…?

  2. Phil Dimitriadis says
    Enjoy Smokie…just to remember how fortunate you were to get out of that one.

  3. Great story Smokie (are you named after the 70s pop band or the old Aussie country singer?). Mr Mister? That my friend is above and beyond the call of duty. And yes, Paul Kelly is an excellent demarcation line. With no disrespect to Christina, but you chose well!

    And you have reminded me of another great double album, Gossip. How could I have missed that? I’m off to another FA article.

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