Second Test Blog

A question: can two tests really constitute a series?

Talk of Australia ‘sweeping’ this two game affair seems a little grandiose.

There’s talk of a green pitch in Hobart. Maybe early, but the usual road would be expected at some stage.

Can Michael Clarke win a toss?

Any other thoughts  folks?


  1. A tinge of green in the deck, and it is front page news.

  2. John Butler says

    Smokie, isn’t every season silly season in media world nowadays?

  3. John Butler says

    Clarke wins a toss!

    No Vettori = No New Zealand?

  4. John Butler says

    Ross Taylor would now appear to have less faith in Hawkeye than he did at the start of the day.


  5. JB, Ross Taylor has just scrubbed a few from the Christmas card list as well. This deck is reminding me of Newtown Park No 2, Toowoomba, circa 1978.

  6. This deck is reminding me of the 14th green at Port Fairy.

  7. John Butler says

    You’d have played your shots in the crisis wouldn’t you JTH?

  8. Peter Flynn says

    You picked a good hole C Little.

    Never got close to getting on in two.

  9. PJF

    Spectacular hole. My chronic left-handed slice always kept me away from the danger on the right, but the second shot’s a killer with the wind ripping of the sea.

  10. Port Fairy is where I played my last round of golf. Great track. Is the fourteenth the dog leg right, down the hill? Have played that many times and my best result is seeing a whale in the distance while searching for a ball in the sand dunes on the right.

  11. Very slight dog leg right, dunes to your right and behind the green.

  12. John Butler says


    P Flynn, A Starkie, you may not have much to report on days 4 & 5.

  13. On target for 18 wickets. That means Australia will be 8 down at stumps.

  14. it would have been interesting to watch Australia bat
    had NZ won the toss.

    Memo Jim Maxwell: please finish your lunch during the lunch break,
    not on air while welcoming back listeners from the break.

  15. Peter Flynn says

    An Open Course hole.

  16. Peter Flynn says

    I know they’re banging on about him but I’m very impressed with Brownlie.

  17. Brownlie top score
    Martin a duck
    Pattinson 5 wkts
    NZ all out 150.

    2nd innings Brisbane, 1st innings Hobart, take your pick.

  18. Skip of Skipton says

    This Pattinson (can I call him J-Patt?) reminds me of an improved version of Brett Lee. One that can move the ball and take wickets.

    I’m expecting the three left-handed gnomes to fail here, then the three real batsmen to pile on the runs. Probably Ricky’s last test innings on home soil, I want a big ton!

  19. Dave Nadel says

    Just a question. When did the Bellarive Highway turn into the WACA in Lillee’s time?

  20. Skip of Skipton says

    I recall greentops at Bellerive in the past. Maybe 10 or so years back. If the weather has been cooler and wetter than normal down there recently, then that’s what you’ll get.
    WACA was always true pace and bounce. Good for bowlers, and good for the bats when they got their eye in.

  21. John Butler says

    Dave, there’s been plenty of result wickets there in the last couple of Shield seasons.

    They just used to really flatten it out for the test match. Not so this time.

  22. Peter Flynn says

    Nicker Hughes.

    Seriously needs to go back to Shield cricket.

  23. John Butler says

    He just followed the swing like he was hypnotised by it.

    Would have missed off stump by at least 18 inches.

  24. I think its time Jim Maxwell retired. he’s pretty ordinary.

    He just said “…..and the ball’s gone straight through him and bowled him………………… it hasn’t”

  25. Ricky Ponting just went out to the worst shot ever played in test cricket. He looked like Jimmy Higgs in a batting slump.

  26. Rare to see someone walk for LBW.

  27. I hold you personally responsible for this debacle Dips. The curator clearly read your piece and decided that Test cricket could be enlivened by planting gum nuts just under the pitch surface. And Ricky has copied your ‘Great Man’ persona and your ‘Shuffler’ batting technique.
    Why don’t you stick to advising Phil Hughes – you can’t do any damage there.

  28. Brad Haddin. Feckless. Again. Time is up. Wade for Melbourne.

  29. PeterB – Not true. If Ponting was cpoying me he would have made 20.

  30. Headline on the ront page of the Saturday herald-Sun sports section:
    “Kiwis are cooked – anyone feel like a bit of Indian?”

    Sachin, Rahul, VVS, Verender, and VS are all quite possibly
    answering “Yes!!”

  31. Hello, hello,

    Those who were drifting off should wake up.


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