SANFL Round 15 – Norwood v West Adelaide: A Redleg Smorgasbord of a Day

Norwood v West Adelaide

7:20PM, Friday July 20

Norwood Oval




Norwood produced a dominant Friday night performance where they controlled the contest against West Adelaide from just about from go to whoa. Sam Baulderstone was clearly on top in ruck and fed the on ballers in Mitch Grigg and Will Abbott (FA Bloch medallist). Matty “The Fonz” Panos was silk as always, Matty Nunn’s run and intensity was excellent. Nunny is a much improved player in 2018.



Coach Jarrod Cotton addressing the team



Link man Lewis Johnston, particularly with his foot skills, was prominent. Brady Dawe up forward whose judgement of the ball in marking contests, not getting caught under the footy, was very good and livewire forward Simon Phillips capitalised.



Flipper who has had a wretched run with injury over the last three years is a key player whose forward pressure is vital. Declan Hamilton, while a threat offensively, I thought played his best all round game of the year where his tackling and hands in close defensively were very good.



Mitch Wilkins and really the whole back seven structurally and positioning were excellent as coach Jarrod Cotton said afterwards it really was the old school line all played well (good luck re. selection fitting in Josh Glenn and Luke Surman). Also rapt to see the reserves win by a point against the top side where Chris “Jimmy” Olsson played his best game of the year.



For the Bloods best players were hard to find. Tom Keogh worked hard not only finding plenty of the footy but worked really hard with his tacking a feature. Koby Stevens, Josh Schiller and Shannon Green were prominent at stages, while youngster Keelan Laube showed promise.



Overall, Westies were outclassed and need to regroup against Glenelg next week while the Redlegs will play off for top spot on the ladder against Woodville West Torrens at the home of football at the Parade on Friday night.



C’mon get there and make it a sea of red and blue while on Saturday love to see anyone and everyone at Athlestone to support Chris Grigg and the fight re. MND. The Norwood players will be there. Please make every effort to attend from 12pm onwards. A grade game commences at 2.10pm.



Sincere thank you and congrats to Geoff Hepworth and the Athlestone Football Club in their untiring endeavours to get everyone to buy blue laces supporting Chris and raising funds to continue the fight against this bastard of a disease:



Singing it loud and proud.



Watch the boys sing the song here




Kevin Fischer, Wayne Schmaal, Anthony Eddy & Greg Thomas



Kevin Fischer, Greg Thomas, Glen Rosser & Tim Hoile




Neville Roberts & Justin Staritski



Guest speaker Stephen Patterson with interviewer and MC John Cunningham



Rulebook with the ever increasing list of Norwood legends he has profiled for The Footy Almanac



Sam Baulderstone with Elliot Webster-Brown (Elliot is the son of Almanacker and Norwood fan Dave Brown)




Anthony Rabs Wilson with Elliot Webster-Brown





NORWOOD                3.4   7.9   16.12   18.17 (125)

WEST ADELAIDE    2.3   3.7   5.10     6.11 (47)



Norwood: Phillips 4; Dawe 3; A Wilson, Grigg, Panos 2; Richards, Bampton, Shenton, L Johnston, Nunn
West Adelaide: Schiller, Keough, Rankine, Green, Bates, Middleton



Norwood: Grigg, Abbott, Hamilton, Panos, Phillips, Dawe, Baulderstone, L Johnston, Nunn, Wilkins
West Adelaide: Keough, Stevens, Bates, Karpany

Crowd: 2,300




  1. Manny Koufalakis says

    Good time to be a Norwood supporter but its only July so I need to remind myself to keep calm.
    Very vocal crowd for such a cold and at times wet night and that 3rd quarter was a pleasure to watch.
    Fantastic that Flipper came through unscathed and as you stated about his pressure in the forward lines its yet another string to Norwood’s bow. Pressure and tackling is a feature at the moment and some of the ball movement is poetic.
    This Friday bring on the Eagles, cant wait.

  2. Jill Tahtra says

    Oh boy I`m old! Or maybe Norwood players just age quickly!

    Looks like you all had a good night and the team did right by having a win a BIG win. I`ll say congrats after the mighty Eags have won today!

    No I didn`t take my pills this morning so am in a cheeky mood today! hahaha Always great write ups mate even if it is about the enemy!

  3. Roberto Allevi says

    All I can say is ,Cream will always rise to the top ,well coached well played buy all involved , #bringtommyhome

  4. Michael Rehn says

    I have no doubt the great men of Norwood you have featured in the almanac would appreciate the efforts of our current playing group who in my book are delivering some very elite on field efforts. Those past champions were pivotal components of much team success, were champion players and champion characters. Living in Melbourne as I do now, I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know any of the current team personally, as I was lucky enough to do in the eighties and nineties, but watching close up on the digital pass, observing both elite skills and the team orientated thinking and focussed body language, I can tell we have a team of champion players and champion individuals. The ingredients for ultimate success are right there, right now. A great write up Malcolm of a clinical demolition of West Adelaide !!!

  5. With mischief in his heart he wonders aloud – how close to the salary cap are they this season?

  6. Bill Drodge says

    Goodwork Malcolm on the match report and all the player articles!

  7. Mal your review was excellent should get a gig at the advertiser …
    Great for us interstate people
    Thank you

  8. Matt Zurbo says

    Agree with Brent. Give Rulebook a column!

    Killer photo of you and the blokes you have done pieces on. What a tribute to your club! And what an asset to them, too!)

    strength to strength Mal.

  9. Stan the Man says

    Rulebook the Fred Block medalist has been a revelation this year. Filled the in and under void that occurred when Doc Webber retired. You just got to love the fwd pressure from our smalls Abbott Phillips Smart Wilson et al on keeping the ball locked in the fwd area.

  10. Another great write-up. Good to see the Legs be in some great form especially with the finals not too far away now. The team looks really good now, hopefully we can keep this up.

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Top write up and photos Malcolm.
    Fantastic to see the great Collingwod man Justin Staritski featured!

  12. Josh Bird says

    I was worried at the start of the night as the rain started to come down hard at the start of the game, wet weather footy tends to even up the game and make it a difficult slog! Brilliant to record 9 goals in the third quarter, and the boys have shown us with win number 10 in a row, why we should be going deep into September!

  13. Dave Brown says

    Top write up, Rulebook and thanks for the opportunity for Elliot to meet his two favourite players. The team is going along very nicely with a big game coming this Friday night. Love it when people start talking money as that means we’re going ok, despite the fact most of the team is made up of Norwood developed players (13 of 21 on Friday night) and another few who were not wanted at other clubs.

  14. Job not done – yet!! Great night starting with the always excellent Past Players and Officials lunch lunch, followed by a stirring 1 point win to our Reserves men.
    Great day to be a part of the Greatest Club on Earth.

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    At least Greg Thomas had the sense to join the Bulldogs. Keep ’em coming ‘Book.

  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Manny yep it’s only,July and totally agree re the crowd being v loud I thought it was the most involved the crowd has been this year huge game this,Friday night.Jill yes we have all aged love your passion for the eagles.Roberto long way to go yet but yes we are playing some fantastic footy.Michael love your comment and passion for the red and blue.Bucko I have confidence in the club.Bill,Brent and Old dog greatly appreciated.Stan Abbott has been a revelation forward pressure fantastic and just so important.
    Campbell thank you.Luke as you know,Bart Staritski enjoyed your comment.Josh as a legs man I don’t mind re rain as I reckon our one weakness is lack of pace plus the cream re ball handling re Panos and Grigg rises to the top geez that,3rd q was special.Dave it was a pleasure,Elliott cetainly took it in his stride and spot on re money huge game this week.Fester yep a great day all round and thank you for taking the photo greatly especially.Swish Thommo played for Kilburn as well he’s v much a redleg at heart thanks folks

  17. Michael Aish says

    Amazing what a group can do when you have belief in each other. Takes everyone to do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it not most of the time all the time not most of the way all the way. Keep it up. We supporters are with you all the way

  18. Rick Neagle says

    Have to reitirate Rowdy’s comments above and add that our lads appear to love going to work, enjoying the game and playing their role to get the job done. Well done to Cotts and the coaching staff. Keep a lid on it lads!

  19. Cameron Glenn says

    An impressive win by Norwood but thankfully this time against West Adelaide did not have to come from 27 points down at 3/4 time to win by a point. Was a cold night at the parade but a good one. The reserves had a thrilling win which was great and the league was fantastic. A solid team performance for win #10 in a row. The redlegs were outstanding especially in the 3rd term with 9 goals kicked. Could have kicked a bit straighter but at least they had a good win. Also the 140 year book was a good investment at $20.

    Massive game vs the eagles. To keep top spot and have a little buffer means a win. Need the Norwood faithful out in force too.

  20. Martin Rumsby says

    The team has come a long way from the disaster at Prospect early in the season where some of the more impatient supporters were calling for the coach’s head. These days I go to matches fully expecting to see a committed effort from the team. I’m becoming a big fan of the work that Will Abbott and Matty Nunn do. Will is as tough as they come and Matty’s pace is a valuable attacking weapon. They provide an important extra dimension to our midfield. Looking forward to the clash with the Eagles. Thanks Malcolm.

  21. Norwood continue to impress as the finals are fast approaching. Even though I’m a Panthers’ supporter, it will intriguing to follow Friday night’s contest against the Eagles to get a glimpse of what to expect come September. PS. Thank you Norwood for beating the Bloods as it now gives South a 2-game buffer in 5th spot!

  22. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Michael love it as a superstar you are truly aboard as a supporter for the ride,Neags you add dimension thank you huge game,Friday night.Cameron agree completely great win by the reserves and need a huge crowd this week.Martin yes a massive massive improvement from the horror show at Prospect and yes a ironic twist from some supporters,Will Abbott has been a fantastic recruit and Matty Nunn most improved player in the club.Paul yes I thought you would enjoy our win helping your panthers thanks folks

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