Chris Grigg and the Fight Against MND


Facts and figures-
The following information provides a snapshot of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in Australia.





Blue cornflower – symbol of hope for the MND community


MND is a progressive, terminal neurological disease
MND can strike anyone
There is no known cure and no effective treatment for MND
Each day in Australia two people die from MND
Each day in Australia two people are diagnosed with MND
People with MND progressively lose the use of their limbs and ability to speak, swallow and breathe, whilst their mind and senses usually remain intact
Average life expectancy is 2.5 years*
More than 2,000 people have MND in Australia of whom 60% are male and 40% are female*
Mean time from onset to confirmation of diagnosis is 10 to 18 months*
Prevalence of MND in 2015 was 8.7 per 100,000 people or 1 per 11,434 Australians*
Approximately 58% of people with MND are under the age of 65*
The total cost of MND in Australia was $2.37 billion in 2015. This equates to $1.1 million per person*
For every person diagnosed with MND it is estimated that a further 14 members of their family and their friends will live with the effect of MND forever


Chris Grigg, ex Redleg and Athelstone gun (father of reigning Magarey Medallist and ex-Crow Mitch). has MND, this revolting, insidious, disgusting bastard of a disease. We have also recently lost Damien Lane (ex-Norwood) and of course another Norwood connection in James Pyke (ex Redleg and State cricketer and brother of Don) lost his father Frank to the disease (Frank Pyke was the man responsible for enabling Dennis Lillee to get back on the ground after the stress fractures in 1973), so it is a cause which is very close to the Norwood F.C and society in general through the remarkable and inspiring Neale Daniher. Neale isn’t only the public face and fundraising arm of MND, he is the captain-coach of the whole MND community, the amount of support, time and energy the Daniher family give to other people who have the disease is extraordinary.


Nyree Lane, Damien’s wife, described the experience as a roller coaster ride with the bastard of a disease that they had to prioritise events and pack in as much as they could while Damien was able to. The Lanes kept a open door policy throughout and reliably informed it was busier than Rundle Mall on quite a few occasions.


Nyree adds that the whole experience taught her another dimension to love and also the real meaning of friendship. Damien’s best mate, the lovable larrikin Glen Molloy (ex-Redleg and Demon) admits he learnt a lot about empathy and the meaning of life helping his mate, re body functions it wasn’t a think about it very much just DO. Nyree and Glen both strongly made the point that fundraising with desperately trying to find a cure is a big part of their lives (and the whole Lane group). As Nyree succinctly said it mightn’t happen in her lifetime but definitely hoping it will in the next generation. Damien also developed a close friendship with Gary West (ex cycling coach of Anna Meares) who sadly lost his battle with MND very close to the same timeframe as Damien. I have certainly learnt in doing the research for this article how close the MND community are, also in learning that
Frank Pyke departed the world in 11 weeks from being diagnosed the very different strands of it and how they vary. Words really don’t do justice to families and friends of sufferers of this insidious disease involving the deterioration and dependence of the body while the mind remains active, it certainly isn’t anything which people affected move on from.


Huge congrats to the Lane team raising over 100 thousand dollars so far for MND,
Glen made the pact with Damien that it was a life commitment, true mateship!

Chris Grigg
Chris went to Stradbroke Primary school and then to Morialta High School, he was a late developer so actually stopped playing footy at high school and did 10 pin bowling in partnership with Michael Forjun, then encouraged by mates to come back to footy he ended up at Norwood FC playing 11 Under 19’s games in 1982. Chris was dropped during the finals and made the pact he would get supremely fit and in 1983 duelled with Paul Adler in the running virtually for numero uno athlete at the Parade.


Chris made his foundation cup debut against West Torrens at Thebarton, interestingly current Norwood CEO James Fantasia also debuted in the same game and Morialta HS, which they both attended, also played in the Pizza Hut curtain raiser on the same night. Chris made his league debut against West Adelaide, also in 1983, at the Parade, Chris admits he was a tad overawed by the occasion and unluckily contracted the flu and so was unable to play the following week. Chris’ highlights at Norwood include playing league footy and in the 83 Reserves Grand Final against a star studded Port Adelaide, with among others, Craig Bradley, Danny Hughes and Russell Johnston playing. The Legs were up at 3 quarter time only for Port, led by Bradley, to overrun the legs in the last quarter.


Chris suggests that he got ahead of himself in 1984, thinking natural improvement would just happen (I highly doubt that and think Chris is just being modest and very hard on himself). Chris broke his coccyx bone during the 1984 season and then through his friendship with ex Redleg and Bulldog Andrew Moulds ended up at Athelstone.The following is Geoff Hepworth’s excellent summary of Chris’ illustrious Athelstone FC career:


Midway through 1984, Chris ‘Doctor’ Grigg left the Norwood Football Club and arrived at the Raggies. He played the remainder of that season and the 1985 season, where he won his first A Grade Best and Fairest, before playing the 1986 season at Riverton Saddleworth Marrabel United (RSMU). In ’87 he saw the light and returned to the Raggies were he quickly established himself as not only one of the best players in the Club, but also in the league.
In 1987 and 1988, Chris was the A Grade Best and Fairest Runner-up. From 1989 to 1994, Chis won 6 consecutive Best and Fairest awards. In 1994 Chris was awarded the Harford Medal for the best player in the SAFA competition. Chris was also the Captain in 1994, when the team finished second, losing the Grand Final to Pooraka.
Chris was highly skilled on both sides of his body and played either in the centre or as ruck-rover. His work ethic was extreme. While most of his team mates ran laps following the boundary line, Doc followed the fence line, pushing himself that little bit more to run further and still keep up with his mates.
Doc wasn’t the most prolific of goal scorers, but he had an uncanny ability to float across the front of a pack and take a mark. He was also the master of bring others into the game with pin point accuracy passes, by hand or foot.
After all those years of individual success, and with a team spurred on by the 1994 loss, Chris won the first of two premierships in 1995. After Athelstone moved to the SAAFL in 1996, Chris was part of the team which tasted success immediately, winning the Grand Final in the P2 Division.
During this period Chris also played in the SAFA State team on 4 occasions -1990, 1992, 1993 and 1994.
Chris played 191 games between 1984 and 1996 rarely missing a game before he retired at the end of 1996. Lured out of retirement in 2007 to play with his mates, he played 13 C Grade games, including the game in which his son Mitch Grigg made his senior Debut as a 14yo. On that day Athelstone smashed PAOC by 158 points, with Mitch named Best on Ground and it was also Doc’s 200th game. Despite only playing 13 games Doc ran second in the Association Medal that year.
In 2011 Chris played a couple of games in the C Grade, to help out the struggling team coached by Adrian Hart.
Chris’s other son Ryan, played a handful of games in 2012, before leaving the Raggies.
After Chris finished playing he remain involved, coaching junior teams and staying involved with the senior teams in various roles under various coaches. As a junior coach he was always willing to take the time to teach the juniors hand and foot skills, and impart his knowledge of the game to make them better footballers. There are a number of players, playing senior football at the moment that have benefitted from Chris’s coaching and tuition.
Unfortunately sometimes bad things happen to good people and Chris has recently been diagnosed with MND. To support Doc in his fight, the Raggies are organising a “FightMND Day”. On the weekend of Saturday 28th July we are asking all players, juniors and senior to replace their boot laces with royal blue laces to show their support for Doc. The boot laces will be available for sale for $5. $3 from each sale will be donated to the FightMND organisation which is a not for profit charity focussed on collaborative research, clinical trials and improved care for all Australians living with MND. A number of other fundraising initiatives and events will be held that weekend. Keep your eye on the Club’s website and for posters around the Club.
Doc gave everything he had on field for the Club and his team mates, and then continued to give after he retired. Now is our time to give something back!.


Andrew Jarvis, Norwood 1984 History Makers Premiership member who coached Chris at Athelstone adds: “Chris and his family are icons of the Athelstone FC, John was team manager, Ruth organised everything (Chris’ parents) and did the time keeping, and Chris’ brother was a trainer. Chris was a bloody good player, a huge engine and I just can’t remember him putting in a average game at the Raggies. Chris just leads from the front, he always stepped up to challenges, led by example and set the standards, when he spoke people listened, that was balanced with a great sense of humour and character. All qualities which sets him apart as not only a leader but someone people wanted to be around and follow” (superb Jarvo).


The Grigg family are legends at Athelstone, his parents John aka Smooth and Ruth are life members and similar to the Darrington’s at Payneham, if the Griggs aren’t at the club within 15 minutes of you arriving you can ring the police to do a missing persons report!


Chris in feeling his tongue being cold and twitching and arm locking was sent to numerous doctors for blood tests and experts re neurologist and also nerve conductive tests, in a nutshell every thing else is eliminated before there is the sort of diagnosis of MND. It is 6 segments of the body to be affected, Chris started at 2 it went to 4 now it’s 5.
I admit I talk to a lot of high profile sportspeople I was blown away when interviewing Chris re his acceptance of his lot, emphasising there are people worse off than him and that he can be remotely the SA chapter of MND, raising awareness and funds and continuing on the remarkable work of Neale Daniher. Chris is quite rightly very proud of his relationships with his children Mitch, Ryan and Maddison and with his partner Sam and her children Charlotte and Tom and what they are doing with their lives. Chris re work has mainly worked with Craig Hosking at Austral tree services (an incredible long standing friendship) and also then bought with Sam into the fitness industry called F 45 at Mawson Lakes. It’s a testament to Chris and Sam as people at how quickly the F 45 crew has bought in to be major factors with MND and in to Chris and Sams lives.


Chris speaks very highly of Andrew Jarvis as a Coach at the Raggies, names the
Premierships as his highlight, pointing out how vital Paul Zoontjens was as a player but it’s really all the friendships he has built at the club he values so much and is the most important thing. Chris’ nickname is Doc named after the basketballer Doctor Julius Irving,
Chris was highly regarded as a basketballer in his youth.

The walk above was a idea which snowballed through social media with over 200 people taking part, thanks Helen Sampson and Anthony Howie. It also showed how popular and well respected Chris is as a person.


On Saturday July 7 when Norwood play the Adelaide FC it is the Count Me In Game where Norwood pick a organisation to support, in 2018 it is quite rightly MND.
Chris and Mitch will come out together through a guard of honour and there will be a dunking machine, stay tuned re names of who will be involved!
We would LOVE anyone and everyone to come along! (Past Redlegs and Raggies especially but ANYONE and EVERYONE) and then on Saturday July 28 Athelstone FC, George St, Paradise, are conducting a day to support Chris and MND, as Geoff Hepworth succinctly puts Chris Grigg has done a hell of a lot for Athelstone FC, it’s time for the Club, it’s members and supporters to give something back to the Grigg family.
Directly above is the link re donating to MND, of course donations will be gladly accepted
(bugger that I am more direct than that, forcibly encouraging at both the game at
Norwood on July 7 and Athelstone on July 28)


I admit this article was challenging to write trying to do the cause and the people involved justice, LOVE you to share the article, raising awareness for MND is just so bloody vital.



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  1. Well written mate, Chris is a life long friend, his fight will be one of the biggest yet, his attitude to make sure others are ok and to gain more awareness of this terrible thing called MND is amazing, if we all had Chris’ attitude to life the world would be a much better place
    Thanks for taking the time to write this, I’m sure it won’t be the last

  2. Well written once again Rulebook.
    Bastard of a situation.

  3. Lorraine Munday says

    Malcom, you are so right, it is an insidious disease and I’ll be honest I had never heard of it until an uncle of mine got it . It’s a terrible thing to see someone you love with it and there’s nothing you can do to help , I hope a cure is found , sooner rather than later . All the best to those fighting this horror , the well known and the not so well known .

  4. Really well written again. A really great way to raise awareness of such a troubling disease.

  5. Well done Malcolm. Jeez you’ve stirred some very old memories here. Years 5-7 at Magill primary Saturday morning footy v Stradbroke, assuming my memory is correct (which is certainly not guaranteed). I reckon they had C Grigg, M Forjan, T Fantasia & G Crosby to name a few. Is that right?! Chris was classy as even then. P Pisani was at Hectorville and that was always tough too. Great days. All the Best Chris. Love your attitude, and the example you set for others. Heading out to Max Amber Saturday week with the Blacks – hope to see you there.

  6. RB – magnificent piece of work. What a tribute to the man and his fight. Well done.

  7. John Topperwien says

    Well written as always Malcolm, you always give a great insight into the person we see on field. All the best to Chris and his family.

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Coke agree with every letter,Chris is a remarkable person.Fester yep.Lorraine v much so.Thanks Campbell.Daddsy yep spot on and I fancy they might have got a lot more of the footy than your opponent re Magill PS v Norwood High.Dips and John thank you

  9. Martin Rumsby says

    Best wishes to Chris, the Grigg family and all with MND. Looking forward to supporting the fundraiser on 7 July.

  10. Roger Murdoch says

    I’m deeply shocked and saddened to read of Doc’s challenge.
    BUT as you have portrayed so well Malcolm, this man will fight the fight as Neil is and will have plenty of support along the journey.
    I wish the best for my old team mate, a great bloke , and great friend.
    Time means nothing to true friends, you can not see each other for years but you just pick up where you left off. It has been years, but that is how I rate Chris Grigg. Good luck mate.

  11. Once again Mal a good article and well wrote Heppy, I like Froggy was shocked when Fanta mentioned Doc’s diagnoses, can’t help but compare Doc with Neale Daniher in their manerisms and character a couple of good blokes struck down by this disease who think Team ahead of their own plight. A legend in SAFA we didn’t get to see his silky skills at SANFL level. Good Luck Doc.

  12. Geoff Reynolds says

    Emotive informative article Malcolm I sincerely thank you, having had no idea of Chris’ condition. It was an absolute pleasure to accompany Jarvo to the Raggies in ’93 & witness firsthand the enormous contribution of the Grigg family to their club. But I was privileged to see Chris’ complete personal & sporting investment in the Raggies, always exampled at training, pregame change-room positivity, on field game day effort, after match de-brief, both tacit & overt leadership, fun loving & social. Enormous respect for Chris’ endeavor, commitment, ability, toughness (both body on the line & of mind) & his consistent want to rise to any challenge. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is so apt! My thoughts, with so many others, are with Chris, & his family, in his ongoing battle with this insidious affliction but we know he will continue to fight, displaying courage, dignity & honour. Chris has a positive impact on all who meet him – a great man. During my brief Raggies’ involvement, I did not call him Doc as I hadn’t earned that right, an example of my respect!

  13. Greg HOWE says

    Very well done Malcolm. I lost my brother Peter to MND in 2004. He was 46 and passed away about 2 years after diagnosis, leaving his lovely wife and a 10 year old son. So I well know about this awful, insidious disease and have supported (and will continue to do do so) the Freeze MND campaign since it was commenced by the remarkable Neale Daniher, who should certainly be the next Australian of the Year. I encourage everyone to support the campaign. I know there are many demands on our generosity by so many deserving charities, but please find space in your budget for this one.

  14. A great tribute to Chris Grigg and a reminder of how dreadful MND is and the need to combat it.

  15. Beaut tribute…
    Bugger of a disease terrible impact

  16. Well played, Rulebook.
    A fantastic piece, my friend.

    Terrible, terrible disease.
    I donate to Neil Daniher’s fund every year and will continue to do so.
    I have a few mates who do the Daniher drive every year.
    It is interesting to note that as a result of Daniher’s fundraising,
    the research into MND has progressed much further than it otherwise
    would have – so there are some very small, positive steps being made
    as a result of Neil Daniher.

  17. What a great article Book, your best yet
    Great tribute to a legend of the Raggies club (there are a few up there), although well past my playing days, we should all still buy the laces and use in other shoes.
    Let’s hope one day that this and other diseases are eliminated from our vocabulary.

  18. Jeff Milton says

    So sad to hear about Chris. Haven’t seen him since school days. He was a year behind me at school but we did play some cricket in the same team at Stradbroke and he was a great character then. Like Daddsy’s comment it takes me back to what were some great times.
    All the best to Chris and his family in such challenging times.

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Martin thank you.Froggy superb.Schmaaly agree 1 billion per cent.Geoff love the emotion yep huge amount of respect for Chris in the footy world ( its a tad ironic I have never called him Doc ) Legal yours and other messages I have received show MND is far more prevalent than society in general realised.
    Neale Daniher must be Aust of the year a remarkable man and all the best ! Thanks Paul and Brenton.
    Smokie Neale Daniher is not only the face and energiser of MND his and his family’s compassion and help of others is incredible.Paddles well said and thank you reliably informed you played in the Pizza Cup game any memories? Milts glad to bring back some memories thanks folks

  20. Dave Brown says

    Yeah, as you say, a bastard of a disease Rulebook. Killed my grandad in the ‘90s. Wishing Chris and the Grigg family all the very best and will see you at the Count Me In game

  21. Kate Birrell says

    Hi Malcom
    Terrific insights and reflections from Chris and his wife. Their generosity in sharing some thoughts helps people to understand a little more.
    Your background idetails of Chris’s sporting career and later on, his life and dedication to the club are outstanding.
    Best wishes to the family.

  22. Michael Rehn says

    An excellent article as usual Malcolm and one I’m sure none of us wanted to read. My very best wishes to Chris, his partner, family and friends for the battle being fought. I do hope, as a club we can all provide some tangible support, and hopefully continue to support the chase for a cure for this evil disease.

  23. Hi Malcolm
    Thankyou for writing a brilliant article. Not only for awareness of MND but also to provide support to Chris & his family. We are very sad to learn of Chris’s diagnosis & the challenges ahead. My brother grew up with Chris & were good mates through Primary,High School & Im sure beyond. Although Im a few years younger,I remember Chris as he was one that stood out, a bonus having an older brother bringing his mates around ! Your article is a tribute to his noble character & achievements.As a family, we send the Grigg Family all our love & strength. I have shared your article on the Morialta HS Past Scholars & Staff fb page to provide more support.

  24. Kieran Ryan says

    As a young boy in the Jnr’s at the Athelstone FC club I looked up to one player on the field at the AFC Chris Grigg due to he had made it at the NFC and was a great player/leader at the AFC, off the field Greg Moulton raise the bar and top the award for party man and Adrian Rocco as the coach of the AFC at the time made my dreams come true by playing me as a 16 year old for AFC …I then went on to play a few league game and lots of reserves games at the NFC mainly due to the DOC telling me don’t ever give in…..DOC you made me be a better man than I was….Fortis in Procella old mate

  25. Luke Reynolds says

    Superbly written Malcolm. All the best to Chris and everyone else battling this awful disease. The fundraising efforts, and the way the football community has supported this cause lead by Neale Daniher is simply outstanding.

  26. Steve Rowe says

    Great article malcolm.well lucky to have him as one of my best mates for over 40 year’s. he’s always been a champion and always puts others before himself.we all know that we’ve got a very tough road ahead of us but we know with his courage, strength and positive attitude,once again he will be our rock thanks once again Malcolm.

  27. Greg Moulton says

    Very well put together Ash and Heppy!
    100% behind and agree with every word written ?? Let’s keep
    Smiling, we know Griggsy will !!!

  28. John Butler says

    Rulebook, some stories put football in its proper context. This is one of those.

    All the best to the Griggs, family and those also affected.

  29. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dave just a terrible disease and yes v v keen to get a big crowd to Count me in re MND day.Kate
    Nyree Lane lost her husband to MND last year she is a remarkable compassionate and courageous lady
    Chris is just a fantastic person.Michael yes definitely a cause we must all continue to support.
    Deborah glad you enjoyed the benefits and thank you.Kieran superb yep,Fortis in Procella.Steve the amount of long time friends,Chris has is indeed a testament to him and your whole crew in general.
    Moults thank you.JB the amount of messages I have received from people affected by this insidious disease has been staggering and in all honesty overwhelming yes footy is just a game thanks folks

  30. Greg Downton says

    Was awesome meeting Chris today and chatting for several hours about how MND has & is effecting us both. What an incredibly strong resolve Chris has under such awful circumstances in dealing with this “beast” of a disease. One day MND WILL be spoken about as the disease that “use to be” due to the amazing efforts from people like Chris & Neale.

  31. This is a very touching piece Rulebook and a very touching situation. I don’t know Chris but I wish him (and his family) great days ahead. I also feel I know Chris now from your portrayal and because i have met characters like Chris over the years. They are rock solid – they love and respect life and all its possibilities and realities. And people and communities are important to them.

    I may have mentioned before that I lost two friends to MND in quick succession 20 years ago, which led to a number of years of raising money for research – via a punting segment on 4BC in Brisbane (thanks to Brad Tamer). Those two friends were teaching colleagues. Eric Simpfendorfer. And then John Bellamy, who as a very young teacher coached cricket at Bankstown High. His opening attack was JR Thomson and Lenny Pascoe (before he changed his name). The final years with John brought together a fantastic crew of Monday afternoon embibers. Over a couple of bottles of red we just enjoyed each others’ company. The routine of the week meant I didn’t always get there. But they were wonderful times – where the human condition was writ large, and immediate.

    All the best to Chris.

    And thanks for the piece Rulebook.

  32. Brett Zorzi says

    Well written Rulebook.
    Playing with your son is one of those special moments you hear about. All the best to Chris and his family.

  33. Back in the early 80s I first noticed Griggsy at norwood . I remember seeing his player profile saying that he went to my school& felt little excited that someone from my school was playing at my beloved Norwood . I took notice hoping he would make the league side one day . He finally made his first game against west i think.but unfortunately he didn’t have a great game & felt a little disappointed for him that he didn’t have as good as a game as he would have liked. I know he played a couple if other games but I think the fact that he was a couple of years younger than Michael Aish ,Macca Keith Thomas it was tough for him to get in the side with those players already established.
    I remember when I first started playing juniors At Raggies I noticed Chris Griggs was playing for us. How cool was that. Once I started playing seniors Griggsy was playing in the country Barrossa league I think.
    Any way after a couple of years he returned to the Raggies & I had the privilege of training playing &
    socializing with him & his family.
    It was all in for his Mum Ruth & Dad John( AKA SMOOTH) you name it they did it
    after playing a few seasons I was thinking why isn’t he playing league footy .I am sure he would have made any league side in SANFL unfortunately Norwood just wasn’t the right time for him & although I didn’t ever ask him I got the feeling he didn’t want to play for any other club,Norwood was it & no one else.
    In a selfish way I am glad he didn’t because I was able to watch & play with the best player I saw outside SANFL.
    He is a Raggie & Norwood through & through
    Over the last 5 years or so he has not been around as much as he has been watching his Son Mitch Play at Norwood & Crows who I say has had a similar career to Doc just being in the wrong place at the wrong time
    All I can say now is Griggsy it is an absolute privlidge to play with you & know you .
    you deserve better than what has been handed to you. Everyone that knows you & even those who don’t are going to do what they can to support you
    Good luck to RAGGIE LEGEND “DOCTOR”

  34. Barry Solomon says

    Griggsy Sam Caruso and myself sat together on the 1st day of grade 1 at Stradbroke, I think he even flogged my little toy car in the sandpit. The years fly by and although you lose touch from time to time those friendships remain. Nude cricket at Provident Ave, first days of driving and looking for skirt all part of an amazing journey. Thanks Griggsy, uve made us average ones look spectacular on more than a few occasions. Ur a champ.

  35. Bill Drodge says

    Another great article Malcolm.

    I only met Chris a few times, through junior footy away from Norwood.

    I knew there was a Norwood connection, but reading the story, you just have to say a bloody great footballer that through other circumstances would’ve played 200+ SANFL Games.

    Wish Chris all the best in the fight against this disease.

  36. Cameron Glenn says

    Another great article.

    A horrible disease which in given time will hopefully become a thing of the past. The amount of support people have given towards fighting this disease is impressive especially with the Big Freeze and sale of those popular beanies.

  37. Rick Neagle says

    When I spoke to Griggsy about his recent diagnosis, it was amazing to hear the acceptance of his lot. Truly a cathartic moment for me.
    My experience from my involvement in the disability sector has given me opportunities to meet so many great people, and Chris is no exception. There is always a reward for what we do and I thank Griggsy for his candor, his capacity to show strength and his goal to move forwards and live his life.
    Disability can happen to all of us at anytime, anywhere and to anyone. It doesnt discriminate.
    Please join Chris, the Norwood and Adelaide FCs to celebrate awareness of MND on July 7th for this year’s annual Count Me In round.

  38. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Greg all the best ! JTH succinct and superb.Zorza thank you.Phillip love it agre with every letter.
    Bazz geez what a dangerous trio.Thanks Bill and Cameron.Neags re your knowledge and involvement in the disability sector thank you and imo you nailed it big time thanks every one

  39. Tony Williams says

    Great article .
    I was lucky enough to play a lot of footy with Doctor during the 80’s and 90’s at Athelstone. Without doubt he is one of the most positive and courageous people I’ve met in my lifetime. His impact on those around him is very evident in the huge range and ages of people commenting here and in other posts. I cannot begin to understand how he must be feeling given this huge challenge but see, as always – he is taking it in his stride with an inspirational positive approach . Legend !!!

  40. Thanks for the article Malcolm really hoping the support goes towards finding a cure soon

  41. Stan the Man says

    Thanks Rulebook I to have an old team mate from the old Amo days going through a bit as well.
    I will see you there on Saturday – Count Me In.

  42. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Tony love your comment succinct and warm and 1 billion per cent correct.Raj we are all desperately praying.Stan it makes us all take a proper look at life and gain perspective see ya,Saturday
    ( we all must hammer the point that there are just on 3,000 seats undercover at Norwood let’s not let the weather be a excuse what so ever )

  43. Raf Sterk says

    Thanks for sharing Rulebook

  44. Damian Obst says

    awesome writing Mal as usual you get right into it..I dont think people realise how strong these clubs were because the sanfl was so strong to then and these clubs were very powerful and drew big crowds to and were awesome communities and Chris has definetly left his mark there….

  45. Dana Andrew Eiler says

    I played Basketball with Chris as Juniors he was exceptional!I have no doubt he would’ve and could’ve played at the highest if he wanted to.Reading this story he was the same kind basketballer as he was a footballer.Superb skills who made all around him better.I was in awe at how good he was.Not to mention just a damn good fella!

  46. What a superb article Malcolm. Truly inspirational stuff as all Chris’ mates support him. Makes me realize just how insignificant my own health problems really are.

  47. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raf thank you.Damian spot on well and truly.Dana yes plenty of feedback re Chris basketball ability.
    Fisho the support to Chris from his mates does show what a fantastic bloke he is.I can honestly say there are few people I am in awe of Chris is one I actually just sat in my car for a while after interviewing,Chris trying to process it all his attitude is both remarkable and inspiring thanks folks

  48. Brilliant Malcolm. Great to include Jarvo’s comments. Thoughts are with Chris and the challenges he faces.

  49. Luka Kegley says

    My first ALS symptom appeared in 2011. 4 years ago I learnt about ALS/MND successful chinese medicine from Rich Herbs Foundation (ww w. richherbsfoundation.c om), the treatment made a tremendous difference for me. Few weeks into the treatment I had improved muscle strength and coordination, improved speech, improved walking balance, increased appetite, improved eyesight and improved mood swings. 4 years since the treatment, i still feel stronger than ever with no symptoms at all, only occasional tingling on my right foot at night. I feel cured from the disease!

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