SANFL finals – Norwood through to the GF

By Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood 

Norwood has progressed straight through to the 2013 SANFL Grand Final with a clinical display at AAMI Stadium.

Norwood 14.16 100 defeated West Adelaide 6.8 44 built on a fantastic 1st Quarter. Norwood were up by 7 goals, they burst out of the blocks led by a dominant midfield. Suckling, Grigg and The 2013 Magarey Medallist Matt Thomas were well on top. The defence led by Georgiou Fuller and Stevenson were Impassable while in attack Phillips was Dangerous kicking 4. Warren played his Team Role excellently with 3 while Pfeiffer and Davis contributed 2 each.

For Westies it was hard to find good players with Travis Tuck trying hard, Macreadie Webb and Fielke did his job in tagging Emerging Superstar James Aish.

In the 1st Semi North Adelaide came from 37 pts down late in the 2nd Quarter to run all over Woodville West Torrens winning by 17 pts. The Roosters 15.10 100 def The Eagles 12.11 83. North led by George and Max Donkey Thring with O’Sullivan Clinch the excitement machine. Gordon, Ryswyk, Campbell and Shannon Solid Contributors. Parry who had been on top of Miles in the 1st Half, Miles fought back and became a dominant Player in the Fightback.

The Eagles two weeks in a row have  been in a dominant position only to fall away  to seemingly grab defeat from the jaws of Victory. A giant Question Mark over The Eagles’ mental toughness remains for the Victors. The Roosters’ Ryswyk kicked 3 with Gordon Blee Campbell and Thiele 2 each for The Eagles. Martyn Powell, Kane Goldsworthy Salter and Ellis Yolmen were the better players while Salter kicked 4 and Ainger 2. So Norwood progress thru to the Big Dance while West Adelaide play North Adelaide in the Prelim this week.

So it was 3 Happy Norwood Supporters depart AAMI and Daniel and Campbell gained there usual entertainment from Prison Radio as we wait to see who we Play in the GF !



  1. GO YOU ‘LEGGIES!!!!

  2. Legs are Home. Give them the flag now. North should beat West

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    Go Norwood!

  4. Leggies for the win!

  5. Well written son Good informative report and yea Go you Legs !

  6. BEWARE of the rampaging roosters…

  7. is this the last SANFL series at the godawful West Lakes? It has been too kind to the despised Norwood. ….let’s resume finals at Adelaide Oval where the Bays are defending champs!

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Still to be confirmed Crio Finals Next Year to be played at the suburban ovals of who ever finishes higher at end of Minor Round and The GF still to be decided and I liked your Bays biit re Defending Champs at Adelaide Oval

  9. There is still a kick in the Roosters if they get over Westies
    Thanks Crio for again reminding me of the Bays win in 73- still gets brought up to the older North supporters (all I need now is Budge chiming in)

  10. mickey randall says

    Good to see the Roosters are doing well, but I think Norwood still wins the flag. And more intriguingly, where to then for Bassett? An AFL assistant at which club?

  11. Geoff Wilson says

    This is the strongest Norwood side since the 1990’s, with dominant players across every line, nothing short of the Premeirship is acceptable, with a team with this much talent, good summary Rulebook.

  12. Peter Coleman says

    As a neutral supporter hopefully the Roosters can beat West & make a game of it for the GF

  13. Stormtrooper says

    Solid analysis Book!

  14. Crisp.

  15. Go the Thring boys should be in The AFL better than all those Richmond Chokers
    Bushy ! So The Big 1 will hopefully be the battle of George and Max Thring v jace Bode and hopefully Mark Evans with The Winner Receiving The Pembroke Cup !

  16. We’ll said ashy very informative wrap of the weekends action

  17. It’s a Grand Old Flag Flag, a high flying flag, the emblem for me and for you ……………..!!!!

  18. Good wrap Malcolm. Interested to see where Bassett ends up in the coaching caper. Clearly brings something to the table. Also will be very interesting to see where Thomas plays next season. A bit stiff to miss out at the Power but can’t argue with Hinkley’s selections given his elevation to coach of the year. Will back in North due to the Pembroke connection. Sorry mate.

  19. Informed sources tell me the Redlegs have no concerns about Westies. But the Roosters leg speed could worry them on the open spaces of Footy Park on a dry day.
    I’m hoping for the Redlegs due to a family link now that my West Torrens Eagles are kaput.
    Freddie Bills, Lindsay Head, Bobbie Gibson, Tracey Braidwood, Brian Livesy, Eric (Dorothy) Dix, Stevie and Mark Pavlich (father and uncle of Matthew), Aldo Floreani, Glen Pill, Johnnie Graham, Brian Mulvihill (worst ever kick for goal), Neville Roberts (best ever kick for goal), Matt Rendell (you had to see him before he first did his knee to understand his athleticism – would have equalled Davies and Darley if he kept his youthful spring – best ever tap ruckman).
    Ah those magnificent Eagles of my youth; they go up diddley um dup; they go down diddley um down; looping the loop and defying the clouds……
    Billy Barrot’s incoherent 3 quarter time sprays and frustrated biffo. Johnnie Birt from Essendon was a much better player and coach for us.
    Wayne Jackson – a rough as guts player and awful kick who became a club stalwart and rescuer coach; top businessman and genius footy administrator. Father of the AFL.

  20. Bit off the mark Malcolm- you must have been reading the stats but not watching closely- the leggies got belted out of stoppage, particularly in the first half. Kicking efficiency the main difference in the opening quarter. Webb and Mangan about to only two to hold their heads up high.

  21. Thanks Peter B Some Great Eagles names there Freddy Bills tough as nails Aldo Floreani Glen Pill and The Pavlichs I remember well Funny saw Brian Mulvihill and I 1st thought was terrible kick for Goal and yes as a Norwood Man no The Great Rocky
    Roberts well and yes he was a great kick and a Top Player eg Kicked 6 Playing Centre for The Big V against WA and thru Ad Uni FC I no Wayne Jackson and there would have been a lot less drama and kaos with Wayne in Control this Season
    Thanks for other comments above and it could be a Pembroke Battle yet Duncs and Gilly Go The Legs

  22. Carn the Cocks.
    Hopefully see you in the GF next week!

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Sorry forgot to put my name back since I asked Gilly at training to have a read and leave a comment

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Jb Were you at Footy Park or on another Planet ? Suckling Grigg and Thomas killed Westies at the stoppages early why did Norwood get the free kicks early because they were in and under 1st ! Granted Norwood’s Kicking in The 1st q was sensational but from about the 5 min mark to ten min mark off 2nd Q Norwood was on top in every aspect of the Game

  25. Lachlan Waterman says

    Inevitable that a powerful club like Norwood finally make 2 GF’s in a row after all their Prelim losses in the eighties and nineties.

    Must be time for a Glenelg resurgance soon or is the tiger still sleeping?

  26. Here’s to a ‘Legs vs North Grand Final with a Norwood Victory. Westies defensive style is terrible to watch and what’s more ineffective against quick ball movement from a decnt team

  27. Darren Graetz says

    Its all over now go the Dockers and back up on the Legs. Nice article Malcom. Inappropriate use of caps needs to be watched (sorry mums an ex school teacher)

  28. mickey randall says

    Lachlan- the tiger is not sleeping, it is dead. Sadly, I expect the exodus out of Brighton Road to gather pace over the summer…

  29. nice one Rulebook, the legs have talent to burn and can cover anything that the Bloods can muster. 6 goals for Westies in a final against Norwood is their best effort in recent history. But even Brazil scored that many in a football game recently……

    Norwood are as unbackable as the Kiwi sailing team were 8 boat races back….um hang on a minute…..

  30. I’ll enjoy watching the game if the Roosters make it there otherwise here’s what I’ll do if boring, stagnant Wests make the GF.
    • Rock up 5 minutes before 1/4 time, ignoring the “1 for 2, 3 for 5” faintly heard in the distance..
    • buy a beer, drink a beer
    • kick the footy annoyingly close to West supporters during the break
    • find Rule Book to quiz him on which team are dominating the stoppages because he’ll know exactly who’s done what and buy another beer, with only a glance at the scoreboard
    • kick the footy annoyingly close to West supporters during the break
    • text Rule Book to say I’m close to finding the Beaumont children in the vast open spaces of the northern stand upper deck
    • kick the footy annoyingly close to West supporters during the break
    • get to the TAB to back Norwood in for a 3 peat.
    • Catch the last 5 minutes reminding auld acquaintances not to forget while keeping my eye on hot chicks in red and blue
    • Get out of west lakes back to the Parade. When no doubt Rule Book will send a text message reminding all of some fault in the umpiring and read his blog.

    Have you got your 2014 membership sign up ready RuleBook? Count me in!

  31. Go Norwood, you can do it. Malcolm will be watching.

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