Saints/Swans discussion

What do you reckon? First goal wins?


  1. The future beat the past.
    The real life Saints beat the Saints in name only.
    Dare conquered fear (thankfully for the watchability of the game).
    Ross Lyon said ‘so long and thanks for all the fish”. I’m a professional and I’ll take the $5M over 5 years from the Tweeds and the Stockbrokers to coach a half rebuilt Demon list, rather than follow this mob to the cellar and get the sack in 2 years time.

  2. Goddard to GWS.
    Lyon to the Demons.
    Gilbert to somewhere other than St Kilda.
    Kosi to anyone who will take him.

  3. Lyon’s demeanour has been interesting in the last couple of weeks.

    So were his tactics tonight.

    Even though they seemed to play much of the first quarter on their terms, the Saints rarely looked like scoring. The story of their season.

    When they were freed up in the 3rd term they looked a big chance.

    Maybe the future for the Saints lies in that 3rd term?

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