Saints Loss leads to heavenly love

“Girls, you do know that you can have your heart broken without being in love don’t you?”- asked my History teacher yesterday during period five.

“Yep, Defiantly” I respond, nodding my head and thinking back to the Pies Vs Lions Grand final losses.

In the past few years we and have not been able to get past the semi, Geelong is always too good and we get so called ‘Blockbuster fatigue’

The Saints are now my most hated team; they ruined my birthday last year and I REALLY want to beat them!

I have small hope that the boys will be confident for once and tip with my heart instead of my head.

I’m feeling much better now, all that’s left is a light cough and I’m happy to be staying home all rugged up in front of the television, able to fall asleep at any moment.

As planned on the Collingwood website, the players gather right next to our cheer squad

Where the “COLLLLLLLLLLLLINNNNGWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!” chant echoes through my TV speakers and sends shivers down my spine.

Hopefully the cheersqauds efforts pumps up the boys for the challenge ahead.

I brace myself for a most likely 40 point defeat, no what am I saying more like 65 point defeat! Princess Riewoldt looks determined and that is never good.

Saints get the first goal only to get a reply from someone they know and used to love, the Luke-mister!

After a few failed attempts to find the target (Dawes) Leigh Brown slots through our second.

“YES!” Dawesy gets the footy and knows exactly where to put it, through the big sticks.

We get a free kick to Heath Shaw who scores his first- by the way that dude who the commentators think was caught ‘high’ by heath was in mid-slip so heath’s contact to the neck area was inevitable and not on purpose for those who think it was.

The boys are looking good so far, be the problem is we are ahead and when we are ahead it NORMALLY doesn’t end pretty.

Honestly I won’t be comfortable until the final siren sounds with us in the lead.

“HEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTHHHHHHH!!!!” takes a flying grab which leaves me to dissolve in squeals at his courage. He kicks his second as does Leigh Brown (that’s ONE thing Mick did right, getting Leigh!)

The Saints keep touch with another goal while I copy out the Establishment Phase of the Employment cycle. (Such is the life of a business student)

“CAFFER!!!” gets an awkward goal but still it’s a GOAL so im happy.

…..OH…HELLO THERE!! Nice work from the channel ten camera man who spots two seriously hot Collingwood supporter dudes who look about 19 or a bit older, NOTHING feral about those two!

They replay the cheap-shot by Hayes on Daisy.

That’s really classy Lenny, pathetic stooge!

Halftime ends very fast and begins the same with a clever Davis goal.

“Yes impressive BUT I want more Leon, Medders is right on your tail for a spot in the team.”

Goals come from Steele, Swanny and…………………………………………………..

That’s SCUM!


Saints miss twice.


Saints keep missing on account of my influence. (Or so I like to think)

As the ball drift closer to the middle I chant “MISS, MISS!!!….YES!”

And so they do.

Caffer gets his third, Beamsy and Brown give more reason to cheer and that when I realised that we had this game, we were going to win, beat the SAINTS!!!!

“I LOVE YOU COLLINGWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



Ahhhh, can ya feel the love? LOL

To top it off Sharrod- Brave heart- Wellingham shows a display that left me stricken with worry that he’d kill himself I let out a gasp and grip the couch praying that he will get up unscathed and thank god, he did.

The siren sounds, the theme song plays and I fill with pride to the fact that my amazing, beautiful boys did it, they beat the Saints!

Yes, I’m in LOVE- but I hope it won’t end in heartbreak.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Wow.

    Great title.

    And the hot supporters.

    Your Miss is right.

  2. Danielle says

    Adelaide Dupont-
    Thanks for the comment :)
    The title kinda just came to me lol
    I have seen lots of good-looking Collingwood supporters and with all our members there is a LOT to choose from lol
    Yes, my Miss is ALWAYS right :)



  3. Steve Healy says

    Great report Danni :)

    I love the enthusiasm, and Collingwood were absolutely magnificent.

  4. Great stuff Danni, I was a bit disappointed (or glad) I wasn’t on MSN last night to hear you screaming in delight about the win. Oh and funny stuff about the Tom Cruise-couch stuff, can really picture you doing that.

    Just got home from the footy, 50 point winners, yet it was a terrible game, only good point was being with Steve, Adam and Michael.

  5. Thanks for the comments Steve and Josh.
    Isn’t it funny how its easy to imagine me doing weird/crazy things like that?! lol

    Roos did well to stay up with a healthy lead, Swallow is a champ :) His hair was almost dark brown in the rain lol


  6. Better start saving up for all the Premiership memorabelia Danni.

    With the the GF ticket and all ther other stuff you will need about $2,000.00



  7. Danni – keep the lid on!!!

  8. Danielle says

    6- Phantom, im SURE my daddy will be more than happy to cover the price of the memorabelia :)

    7- lol, what lid Dips?
    i don’t have one, never have and probably never will.
    There were Hi-Fives all around when i ran into my Collingwood supporter teacher and then my homeromm teacher said he can’t see anyone beating us.

  9. Thats what I like to hear Danni.

    We daddies just love to pay for the grand final tickets et al for our children.

    In 2007 I had to find two lots of air fares, tickets, train tickets (to Geelong and back) hotel accomodation and beers and food for a 22 year old 6 foot 5 growing boy. When he gets excited he sure can eat and drink.

    It was a blessing that I could not get tickets the next year.

    Are you getting nervous? They’re a big chance.

  10. Danielle says

    nervous? VERY!!
    im just so scared that they…i mean you know..Toovey, Reid!!!
    it could go VERY wrong when they stuff up.
    One of my fav teachers, who is a Collingwood supporter was like to me “Are you getting tickets or is it too early?” lol
    it was so funny when i saw him this morning i ran up and i was like
    “OMG SIR, HI-FIVE!!!! HOW GOOD ARE THEYY!!!!” lol and he was like “YEAHHH!”

    But yes, im very scared of a loss, i don’t know how i would handle it.

  11. Read Kelli Muldoon’s GF report in last year’s almanac. The emotion and true believer stuff is memorable.

    I have had to handle about six and can assure you they suck.

  12. Danielle says

    11- Phantom, i have read Kelli’s great piece many times, it’s one of my favourites :)

    I have handled two and they didnt go down well..
    You woulda thought someone died since i was almost mourning.

  13. Collingwood? No chance. North Melbourne all the way!!!

  14. And people just laugh at you. They don’t understand.

    But at the other side of the game the feeling is absolute unadulterated bliss.

    It is almost worth the pain. Like when I had pethodine when I tore my achilles tendon from my ankle.

    Don’t try that. The pethodine only lasts a little while. But the limp lasts for months.

  15. Danielle says

    14- exactly, mum did not understand why i had locked myself in my room or why i was refusing to eat,or why i was bawling my eyes out like world had come to and end.
    Let me tell you though, at the moment it sure felt like it had.

    13- hmmmmmm we shall see Josh.

  16. Danielle, I think you will find that one of the “two seriously hot Collingwood supporter dudes”
    is a prominent member of Nick’s !

  17. Danielle says

    is that some sort of nightclub or something?

  18. Nick’s is a Collingwood messageboard.

  19. Danielle says

    17- Never mind, i know what you are talking about lol.

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