SAAFL Action: Eyes on the ball

Our Great Game encompasses grace, ballet and poise and power.

It also encompasses this.

Photo: anonymous (no one owned up).

Grade: Low



  1. I believe it’s Adelaide Uni’s famous side The Scum playing Fitzroy in about a C5 ammos match in Adelaide – that’s about 15th grade.

  2. I know it’s not the answer you’re after, JTH, but the left side of the photo kind of reminds me of that famous Leunig masterpiece, “Ramming the Shears”.

  3. John Butler says

    So many elements to this picture.

    So much poetry. :)

  4. And the man on his knees is saying “I think I’m in love”.

    The one above “Is this what giving birth is like with a posterior presentation”

    The Chaser is saying: ” I hate that they let those young-uns play”
    The Kicker ” Just keep running”


  5. C5 or C4?

  6. I reckon that’s the Blacks versus Fitzroy.
    Or University v Fitzroy – takes me back to those great clashes in the VFL!
    As far as I’m aware, the Lions don’t have a D grade side.

  7. Punk Rooster says

    It’s the C4 1st Semi Final- Fitzroy v Adelaide University, which was played at Park 10, on Sunday August 28, 2011

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