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A week overshadowed by the passing of one of the game’s most popular figures.

Bob Davis was one of those personalities who overcame club parochialism and gained the affection of the wider footballing (and general) community. It was a life well spent.

And so we look to this week’s games.

Tonight offers many  questions, fewer answers. Will Geelong be inspired by Bob? Or suffer something of a let down after the dramas of last Friday night?

On form, the Cats look the steadier bet, but the suspicion remains that they aren’t best placed to exploit Carlton’s weaknesses. And those small Carlton forwards have been a problem recently…

Saints v Demons will be ugly for the loser. Nothing surer.

Port host a Freo team struggling with injury, making this a harder tip than might have been expected.

Brisbane and North both desperately need a win on Saturday night.

Essendon have some key outs for the Dreamtime game. Richmond really need a win to keep their momentum going.

NEWS FLASH! Collingwood don’t play at the ‘G this week. Instead, they host Adelaide at Docklands, in what shapes as the mismatch of the round.

Sydney host Hawthorn in a clash important for finals prospects.

And rounding things out, the Eagles host the Doggies in an intriguing contest. Are West Coast for real? It increasingly looks like they might be. Whereas the Dogs are still lacking key personnel, and not yet really convincing many.

A feast for conjecture in other words.

Fire away folks!


  1. John Butler says

    I’m not without hope for the Blues tonight.

    Should be a ripper game.

  2. JB – the Blues could easily get up. It will be interesting to watch how the Cats play.

    The Crows will beat Collingwood because half of the Collingwood team will be gathered at the MCG wondering where everyone is. They may take the field with only 12 men!

  3. John Kingsmill says

    Round Nine

    Jonathan Brown is back for Brisbane for their game
    against North at the Gabba – will that be enough
    for their first win for the season? I don’t think so.
    Bernie Vince still out with a hamstring injury,
    Taylor Walker not recalled, Adelaide face Collingwood

    at Etihad on Sunday with an unchanged side.
    At this stage, we can only pray… not for a victory,
    but for no collateral damage. No reports nor injuries,
    please, dear god, nor any further damage to Adelaide’s
    ravaged percentage. Port has named Chad Cornes

    as an emergency against Freo at home. Jay Schultz
    is still a chance to play. They are running Chad
    through the reject mill. I’m no fan of Chad but Port
    should have traded him at the end of last season,
    rather than strung him out like this.

    Carlton versus Geelong on Friday night
    will be a beauty in a round full of beauties.
    Richmond vs Essendon will be sharp; so too,
    West Coast vs the Bulldogs in Perth. But the match
    of the round and a first look at a preliminary final

    will be Sydney versus Hawthorn at the SCG.
    Buddy Franklin has hit his straps; last week
    the Hawks lost their rucks early and gave Franklin
    and Roughead the task. They looked good in attack;
    their midfield and defence are also strong.

    This is an emerging force and Cyril Rioli returns
    this week. Go the Hawks. But I like Sydney, too.
    An honest team, with an honest culture. If I had
    more money than I knew what to do with, I’d fly
    to Sydney to watch this game, not caring

    who won or lost. Sydney will want to contain;
    Hawthorn will want to attack. Anything can happen.
    And, too, the small ground may be a better canvas
    for the artist Shaun Burgoyne, out of recent form.
    He does his best things in limited space.

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    One great line, among many great lines, in this week’s The Match Committee: “Many say me. And with good reason too”.

  5. Richard Naco says

    Funnily enough, JK, I will be going to the Hawks-Swans game, albeit attired in my Cat’s jumper, but also “not caring who w[ins] or los[es]”> I shall, however, be highly confident that my nephew, a thugby leeg fan for his entire 18 years, will be converted to The True Code by what promises to be a right royal ripper of a game.

    And a team in navy and white will be triumphant on Friday night!.

    (See, I have been a Canberra public serpent!)

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Last night’s game was just fantastic. A great thrill to be there.

    The Brownlow votes will be interesting. I reckon Kelly was best on ground and he should get the 2 Brownlow votes.

    M Murphy played a ripping game and he should snare the one vote.

  7. John Butler says

    PF, as your coach said, your boys were a tad lucky.

    But the Blues had their chances.

    To be continued…

  8. John Butler says

    Great game between the Tiges and the Bombers.

    One of the best contests this year.

  9. John Butler says

    Brisbane deserved a win for their efforts.

    Not that North would agree.

  10. Simon Black would be an awesome GA in Netball after that throw.

  11. Danielle says

    Okay…North and the Tiges totts bodged up my tipping! -_-
    Roos couldnt stay infront till the end ans bloody Essendon shoulda won! -_-‘

  12. Danielle says

    Okay…North and the Tiges totts bodged up my tipping! -_-
    Roos couldnt stay infront till the end and bloody Essendon shoulda won! -_-‘

  13. happydave says

    Go the Tigers, full of determination with flashes of brilliance. Watch out for Tyrone Vickery, best big man at the Tigers since Brad Ottens.

  14. Danielle says


    mick malthouse, watever uve done to the team in ur last yr as coach SUCKS! -“to the left, to the left, everything u own in the box to the left!” 6 minutes ago via web

  15. David Downer says

    Panic button deployed a bit too early there Danni!

  16. JB and fellow Blues supporters – leaving aside all the stuff about how the Cats have knocked off the Pies and Blues in successive weeks, and leaving aside the smart remarkes about how both of those teams deserve a good old fashioned rogering as often as possible and that beating them gives as much pleasure as something enormously pleasureable, and ignoring the fact that a very large slice of humble pie (no pun intended) will do the arrogant Blues absolutely no harm at all (the humble pie has been tasted since 1995!), and forgetting that the Cats still have a long way to go before they really hit their straps – I thought the Blues were very good on Friday night. They are a better team than I figured. Judd’s goal in the last quarter where he swooped on the ball, picked it up in his left hand at full pace, and kicked a magnificent curling goal on his left foot, was one for the scrap book. It even had me yelling out “Whoaaahhhh!”

    Your reliance on the aforementioned Judd would disturb me somewhat, but he does seem indestructible. If I hear one more person saying that he doesn’t deserve to be a dual Brownlow Medalist I think I’ll throw them to the floor very roughly.

    See youy in September.

  17. Danielle says

    DD- nope, that button has been pressed for more than a year now.

  18. forwardpocket says

    Thomas. Thomas. Thomas! Docklands sure felt like home in the last quarter today, the joint was a-rockin’.

  19. Alovesupreme says

    If the telecast was a guide, that merely compensated for what appeared to be a funereal quiet during the first 3 and a bit quarters.
    I was seriously conflicted, I’d normally be delighted to see the Pies suffering an undignified loss, but I’m still alive in a couple of Tontine/Last Man Standing comps, and went the obvious way this round. So let me think, are emotional prejudices trumped by the (remote) prospect of winning money and confirmation of my superior (ahem) judgment?
    I’m Carlton; I thought Friday night was a classic, and I was delighted to witness it (accompanied by my Geelong-supporting adult son); of course I’m gutted about the result, but I was rapt that the Blueboys kept coming, when we looked like being blown away in the 3rd quarter., and that so many of the middle rankers lifted their game. Congratulations, and may we see a similar standard match if the fates bring the two teams together in springtime.
    Thank you for your gracious comment on the game. I try – but often fail to achieve – that condition which I think I’ve seen attributed to Vince Lombardi: “win without crowing, lose without crying”.

  20. Serious issues for the ‘bumble bees’ and after round 9 it seems as they say the cream is rising to the top the afl coffers may be well and truly overflowing if the following prelims pan out with cats,pies,hawks and blues.

  21. forwardpocket says

    I’m always saddened to hear of Carlton fans cheering the pies , whatever the lure. A little part of you died today.

  22. John Butler says

    DD, thank you for that (I think?).

    What you call arrogance is simply the recognition Carlton folk have of the fact that life can be bright, shiny and wonderful.

    As opposed to Saints supporters, who have been so beaten down and abused by their club for over a century that they’ve grown accustomed to diminished expectations..

    And yes, Mr Judd can play a bit.

  23. westcoastdave says

    JTH, when you tipped “West Coast by 2 points” in the preview, I presume what you meant was actually “…by two points per minute throughout the last quarter”?

  24. John Butler says

    WCD, you must be pleased by the turnaround this year?

    The Doggies supporters won’t be.

  25. westcoastdave says

    JB, it is pretty remarkable, and not expected. That said, I thought the fall from top 4 in 05-06-07 to dead last (and uncompetitively last) was too rapid to be purely about physical skills and capability. Maybe what this year is showing is that the fall back from that peak (ie: minus Judd and Cousins + injuries) would have been more to mid-pack rather than bottom without all the emotional turmoil that went along with it. They have three winnable games in the next four (Pies are hard, but then GC, Adelaide and Port) – if they win those three they will be 8 and 4 and a real shot at the finals. On the other hand, drop a couple and we might see that some fragility remains.

  26. Richard Naco says

    I was at the Swans – Hawks game today (sitting in the front row of the Swans cheer squad in a Geelong top!), and although it’s now just after 9pm, I do believe that the Swans are just now running out on to the SCG for the second half.

    And wondering who turned out the lights.

  27. Andrew Fithall says

    From an earlier comment from Dips: Your reliance on the aforementioned Judd would disturb me somewhat, but he does seem indestructible. If I hear one more person saying that he doesn’t deserve to be a dual Brownlow Medalist I think I’ll throw them to the floor very roughly.

    While it sounds like a line from Life of Brian, I still cannot let it pass withour retort. Dips, I am intrigued that you consider a good performance in a game in the following season somehow says that the awarding of the brownlow in the previous season is therefore justified. Even though the recipient of the brownlow just scraped into the All Australian team on the bench.

    Catch you Friday? but please don’t throw me to the floor very roughly. Welease Wodewick.

  28. John Butler says

    Dips/DD, apologies for mixing you up in my reply.

    I spend too much time looking at this website.

    Early onset dementia probably doesn’t help either.

  29. John Butler says


    It would only cause a flesh wound.

    The real damage would occur when I dived in over the top. :)

  30. Rick Kane says

    We are the mighty fighting Hawks … King Colac improving, backline getting its act together, young guns impressing, midfield find solid form, Buddy!!! … just like that little train heading up the hill – I think we can, I think we can.

  31. Dear Mr Fithall. You are asking to be tossed on the floor. I wasn’t suggesting that a good game this year justifies the Brownlow last year, but I was referring to the fact that Judd’s class is repeatedly evident across many games and many seasons.

    In fact, I would go so far as to say that his goal on Friday night was NEARLY as good as Varcoe’s left foot gem.!! Now that’s class.

  32. BTW may not be able to make Friday lunch. Could someone please take along a garden gnome and sit it in a chair in my memory. Thanks

  33. John Butler says

    Red or Blue hat Dips?

  34. Alovesupreme says

    I know you thrive on being hated, so I won’t give you that satisfaction! I have much more hostile attitudes to Essendon and Hawthorn (and historically, Richmond) than the Magpies.

    That said I do enjoy the exchanges between Carlton and Collingwood partisans.
    I recall when Collingwood were rattling cans after the 1980s New Magpies had sent them to wall financially.. I didn’t contribute, but remember reading about a Carlton fan who sent a cheque with the accompany message wtte “I would like my grand-children to have the same pleasure as I have had watching Carlton defeat Collingwood in Grand Finals, so herewith my contribution to your appeal fund.”
    The point about a Collingwood-Carlton game is it’s invariably worth winning because there is so much at stake, and I hope that my team is returning to the level that enables them to be legitimate competitors. During much of the past 20 years either sometimes both of our teams has been unworthy of the tradition of epic contests.

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