Round 8 – Sal’s Preview: If you don’t mind umpire!

Greetings All,


After going to the Blues Roos game on Saturday night where Eleni Glouftis was one of three umpires it came as little surprise to me the findings in the report on women leaving the umpiring ranks.  Overall I thought the umpiring was ordinary at best for the game, however the treatment dished out to Eleni from sections of the crowd was appalling.  Horrendously personal, misogynistic abuse delivered from the anonymity of the bleachers was disgusting and from another era that we should be ashamed of.  I doubt those delivering such abuse would have even known the other two umpires names!  Most umpires get through the system being anonymous and fortunately so given the vitriol that comes their way, but there are exceptions.  Razor loves the limelight, his errors amplified because everybody knows who he is – we don’t applaud his good work of which there is a lot more of.  Eleni is known because she is the only woman on the panel and makes errors like any other umpire but also amplified because everybody knows her name.  A discussion among friends on Sunday I asked apart from Eleni and Razor which umpires do you know and recognise.  The only response was “Is Matt Stevic still going around?”


Being called upon to umpire a game last weekend reminded me of how hard it is to officiate.  There are no replays and you have a split second to make a decision if you don’t make the call there is no recourse.  The players are getting the message however watching local games the supporters require some restraint.  We read some of the stories of female umpires leaving the game because of the treatment from over the fence, reckon there are plenty of male umpires doing the same.  We hear the cry – “I pay my money I have the right to have my say”.  Yes you do, but please keep it objective and not personal and try and make it funny.



Unhappy ($1.58) vs Careful Management ($2.68)


Port have two on the trot but face their tormenters from last year’s preliminary final in the Dogs.  Both clubs have played below expectations so far this year, the ramifications for the loser in this one is significant.  Just not sure what to make of Port’s two wins, everybody beats the Eagles and the conditions made last week’s form impossible to assess.  Kane Farrell unhappy to miss out this week.  On the other hand beating the Bombers is not a great measuring stick for form either.  I doubt that Bevo will allow Allir to roam the backline unattended and expect their midfield depth to reign, although with a bit more reservation with Bontempelli being managed.



Docked ($1.12) vs MaLarkey ($8.60)


Freo have been docked six players for the game against North.  Their system just stands up while North can’t put four quarters together and lose their best forward.  Freo wins this.



Dusted Off ($1.60) vs It’s a Gas ($2.64)


The Tigers get Dusty back while the Pies have a few with illness concerns as gastro goes through the club.  A great test for the Tigers who were able to play the game completely on their terms last week, Collingwood will provide sterner opposition.  The Collingwood forward line might lack in height, however that alone could challenge the Tiger defense who just love picking the ball off in the air.  A lot will depend on the Richmond pressure on the ball coming in.  Just think Dimma will be able to adjust the magnets and find a combination that will be good enough.



The Guldon Boy ($1.71) vs Blue Denim ($5.50)


Not many players get their own soundtrack but love the SCG blasting out Australian Crawl whenever Errol Guldonregisters a major.  His Swans host the Suns who have found their own piece of gold in Levi, always been a good clunker of the footy but still a bit to be desired off the boot.  Gold Coast have a fair record against Sydney, but I doubt the Swans would drop two in a row at home.



Crow Eaters ($2.04) vs Danger Time ($1.95)


A big game in Canberra between a couple of untrustworthy outfit.  The Giants finally put their game together and put Adelaide to the sword last week, is it a turnaround or just a “dead cat bounce”?  Meanwhile the headlines scream about the return of Dangerfield, however in the details the Cats have lost a few including the skipper.  Just think the big Cats up forward in Cameron and Hawkins might hold the key and allow Geelong to bounce back.



Strung Out ($2.26) vs Uncle Sam ($1.76)


The Bombers lost Stringer to injury again as the competitions whipping boys struggle to find momentum and confidence, back at home and against the Hawks they should have some chance.  Sam Mitchell is coaching superbly despite losing four of their last five, they have played strong opposition and taken it up to the very best last week.  The Hawks close to their best wins this.



KOTJ ($1.03) vs The Bare Richie ($27.00)


It only looks worse for West Coast smacked by over 100 at home, now to the Gabba and just the bare 22 to pick from.  Could get ugly!



Pickett Fence ($1.31) vs Holler for the Marshall ($3.35)


Much hubbub from Saints about selling their game to Cairns.  2 points the other way and there is no issue.  Now they travel to the G with a test against the champs.  The Champs are scary – undefeated but reckon they are only going at about 70%.  They get a few handy ones back and suspect will be too good again.



A Case for the Defence ($1.38) vs Off the Crouch ($3.55)


Expecting Adelaide to come hard at the Blues after a disappointing effort against the Giants with Matt Crouch paying the price at selection.  The Blues are getting the wins but face some challenges in defence with McDonald and McGovern not being available, they really had no choice bit appeal the Lewis Young case.  It is the area that Adelaide could exploit with a few tall forwards in Walker, Himmelberg and then probably a spare ruckman.  However they need to get it there and the Blues midfield should be able to hold sway to provide more opportunities to at the other end.



Friar Time


A tough week for the Friars with all four teams going under.  An undermanned senior outfit were valiant against Prahran but seven goal head start are hard to recover from.  This week the Friars host Therry in a must-win encounter, the women have a week off while the threes head to Albert Park to face South Melbourne Districts.


Go Eleni, Go Friars, Go Blues


Cheers, Sal



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  1. Daryl Schramm says

    It’s late Sat night. I went for all the home teams this week. Another good intro Sal. Pretty sad really.

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