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There’s a game on tonight ? Who’s playing?

Dips, Phantom, do you happen to know?

This promises to be a great round of footy, so tell us what’s on your mind Knackers.


  1. John Butler says

    At the risk of provoking further class conflict, what is the attitude of respective camps tonight?

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    It is surprisingly quiet on the frontline. Both camps are reluctant to make any claims. A real contrast to what went on prior to Hawthorn Geelong. The Fithall family are off to the game. Helen (Geelong) said last night she is not at all confident. I am probably quietly confident. Maxwell may well be out but on recent form that won’t be a major problem. He is an excellent leader but his own football form has been poor since coming back from injury. If Collingwood win, my greatest joy will be claiming the choo choo bar from Phantom. Research has revealed that they are manufactured just a kilometre from my home. The choo choo bar will enjoy a trip over Bass Strait, be purchased by Phantom, and then make the trip back to Williamstown.

  3. John Butler says

    A genuinely Australian-made product AF?

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    Lagoon Confectionery. Started business in 1929. Still owned by the McQuade family. Weren’t the original manufacturers of the choo choo bar but now have the licence. Most famous for the other “filling extractor” the sherbert bomb.

  5. John Butler says

    The sherbet bomb. A classic!

    Speaking of filling extractors, what was the name of those red sticks which were impossible to chew?

  6. Andrew Fithall says


  7. John Butler says


    It was annoying that I couldn’t remember. Signs of age?

  8. forwardpocket says

    I’ve been on edge all week as has become usual over the last few years whenever a game against Geelong approaches. In my mind it’s Ali (Geelong) vs Foreman (Collingwood), just hoping for a different result.

  9. david butler says

    The Swannies will go around at $1.15 against Port. Can’t remember any price like that in the recent past. I keep thinking that Brisbane went around at $1.08 last week against Gold Coast. I would prefer to take $1.15 about Michael Voss being offered the”full support of the board”.

  10. Steve Healy says

    For the last part- Ridiculous. It was a perfect tackle that pinned Dangerfield, the ball did come loose but Trengove couldn’t see that, and the impact wasnt even that forceful and it was unlucky he was injured. It’s stupid to think that people are getting off for elbowing players off the ball but a genuine tackle gets 3 weeks.

  11. John Butler says

    Inclined to agree with you Steve.

  12. Andrew Fithall says

    I disagree regarding Trengrove. I think justice has been served. Below is an extract from an article I wrote on this site in 2009:

    I think there needs to be a rule change relating to tackling…. I am referring to the tackle where the tackler deliberately and forcefully crunches the tackled player to the ground. The AFL has already, to some extent, addressed the “mummy” tackle where the player’s arms are pinned. But the problem is broader and becoming more widespread. It goes unpunished at AFL level and so is copied in the lower ranks. The intent of the tackler may be to dislodge the ball, but more obviously it is to cause harm. The recipient’s arms may be free but the prospects of protecting themselves from injury are limited. Concussions, broken collar bones, broken arms and wrists and other injuries are often the result. The hardness of the playing surface contributes to the damage. The longer term impact: more parents resolving that their children won’t play football

  13. Andrew Fithall says

    And there is only one “R” in Trengove. Sorry.

  14. Alovesupreme says

    Good pick up Andrew. For many years, I thought the Sun journalist (golf and tennis mainly) was Alan Trengrove, and I was surprised that I’d been wrong (in that respect; in most other aspects of my life, I’ve made every mistake in the book, and invented a few of my own).

  15. Peter Flynn says

    I agree with AF.

    Trengove should’ve taken his two weeks.

    He seems a good young fella. Melbourne has played this poorly over the last few days. No appeal was ever going to succeed.

    No point punters comparing Trengove to Waite and Brown. We know that Waite and Brown were obvious crap decisions.

    Inconsistencies will always be present. I think the AFL will seek to minimise this just after the dust settles on Collingwood’s back-to-back triumph.

  16. johnharms says

    PJF, Love it. Love that your lot in life is keeping the Cats’ price as high as possible, so heart and pocket both benefit.

  17. johnharms says

    I should add that Theo has tipped Geelong tonight by 100 points. This si the first time hi s margin has gone beyond 40 I think. He has also tipped the Suns.

  18. Peter Flynn says

    Sounds like Theo is beginning to develop the ability to skip count by 10’s.

    May I add he’s skipped a few.

  19. johnharms says

    PJF, Anna (20 months) is obviously tipping randomly, which means she should be getting 4 out of 8 each week. She pretty much is. What are the cahnces of Anna getting precisely 88/176 right in the home and away season (assume draws are victories a la most tipping comps). Chances of getting +/- 3 from par?

  20. Peter Flynn says

    Let discrete random variable X be the number of successful tips.

    X follows a binomial probability distribution (success or failure).



  21. smokie88 says

    Flynny (and Andrew),
    Excellent call regarding Trengove. Each time I saw the incident replayed,
    the worse it looked.

  22. Very peaceful at this end. Wet weather will probably suit neither team in particular. Pies ahve strong bodies as do the Cats. If the result is close then perhaps neither team has won or lost much. If one team belts the other it could be more significant.

  23. Peter Flynn says


    Outside it looks like midday during the 3rd round at Muirfield in 2002.

  24. johnharms says

    In Wellington they have chains to hang on to as you’re walking down the street. Just wondering whether we can lobby for those in the City of Darebin? And then there is the rain.

  25. How good will J Bartel be in this weather!!

  26. Danielle says

    that went well -_-

  27. John Butler says

    Bad luck Danni (I presume we can go back to 2 n’s now Pendles isn’t around?).

  28. Danielle says

    lol! pendles, he kicked that pretty goal! and it wasnt allowed and then wood who just cant kick went and…arhh well we all know the story -_-

  29. westcoastdave says

    Just seen the first half of Freo v Freo 2 tonight. That has to be one of the funniest games of footy ever, surely? You could tell J Selwood was geelong’s worst player in the first half, because he had the ball more often than most of his teammates. Don’t know who won, doesn’t finish until after 2am in Canberra, but you wouldn’t expect the premier to come from that game if the first half was anything to go by.

  30. John Butler says

    Much needed breathing space for North.

    Melbourne losing players at a worrying rate.

    Crows fans would have been interesting to observe as their lads conceded the first 4 goals.

    But it ran to plan after that.

  31. John Butler says

    St Kilda, the first step to cure is to admit you have a problem.

    Remember, a definition of insanity is repeating a course of action indefinitely hoping it will somehow produce a different result.

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