Round 7 & 8 – Saints beat SA clubs at Adelaide Oval

After the loss to Fremantle who were the bottom two at the time as of Round 6, I was worried about giving the Crows their first win. Not only having lost to Freo but also having a bad history at Adelaide Oval made me be worried.


The AFL had given us a tough fixture as Round 6 would be held on Monday night and Round 7 would be held on Saturday night at the visitor-unfriendly venue. The Saints chose to fly in and fly out twice for Adelaide games from the Noosa hub.


Then what happened during the week…the Saints had two consecutive wins at Adelaide Oval where we had never won previously. It was the first win over the Crows in Adelaide since Round 2, 2009 at AAMI Park while we enjoyed the last win over them at now Marvel Stadium in 2011 (Round 18). For Power, we had a nine-year drought to beat – the last time was Round 16, 2011 at AAMI Park.


Before detailing more about both games, I admit I felt lazy to write two games in one piece because it was really hard to motivate myself during the week. Something wrong seemed to happen in my mind, but I am improving and seem to be back on track.



Monday Night Footy against Adelaide Crows – A win is a win


Low patronisation released me from work earlier than the original roster, so I was able to watch the game live.


Butler came back in good form from the previous week’s errors and scores two goals at the first quarter. The second one is the reflection of the team play – Lonie’s tapping, Geary’s handpass and Butler’s running and goal kicking.


King is a talented tall young forward having good hands in marking who scores two goals on the day.


St Kilda finds good space with accurate ball use but the Crows try hard to put pressure on the Saints. More free kicks benefitted the Crows, which make me worried about losing the game.


At the last of third quarter, King is not paid a mark, as well as Geary’s diving mark. Then the captain is said that he is holding the ball and the tackler McAdam is paid a free kick. The 19-year-old Crow kicks a goal.


That’s the point when I sense an exaggerated free kick count and my mood is down even though the Saints are leading.


On the other hand Coffield is running hard to chase the ball and create turn overs. His encouragements save us on Monday in the tough footy ground for us.


Steele’s tackles, good ball use and kicks are in best form as always. It would be hard for us to win a game without him.


We learned from the loss to the Dockers. We played a full match and finally are awarded four premiership points at Adelaide Oval, furthermore we end the 10-loss streak that the Adelaide Crows had on us.


Many St Kilda supporters feel so bad about the umpiring but a win is a win and it’s a historic one.



ADELAIDE     1.2   4.2   5.6   8.7(55)
ST KILDA       3.2   7.4   8.4   12.6(78)


Adelaide: Walker 3, McAdam 2, Keays, Laird, Lynch
St Kilda: Butler 3, Kent 2, King 2, Gresham, Howard, Lonie, Membrey, Steele


Adelaide: Walker, Doedee, M.Crouch, Keays, Lynch
St Kilda: Steele, Butler, Jones, Coffield, Gresham, Clark


3. Steele (STK); 2. Coffield (STK); 1. Walker (ADE)




Saturday Night Footy against Port Adelaide – We are contenders


As I am working all the day on Saturday, I am unlikely to watch any part of the game live, but we finish tasks earlier than the scheduled time, so I manage to watch most of the last quarter live at the workplace. I watched the full replay on Sunday morning.


In the previous week, Carlton nearly won the game against Port Adelaide by allowing Gray kicking at goal after the siren. As it is Blues’ home game, I am not sure if Saints can beat Port Adelaide or not.


But my worries depart when I tune in Watch AFL after work. Saints are leading by six points and I am excited.


I just see my boys demonstrating attacking footy with efficient use of the space with accurate ball use. We hit the targets and contribute when we get opportunities.


It’s not just a win. It’s huge and we smash the top of the ladder team. We beat them at the venue that had not been friendly towards the Saints. Last year we were smashed by 70 points in China at a game that I attended. On Saturday we also beat Port Adelaide supporters’ booing that occurs whenever we get scoring opportunities.


Firstly St Kilda dominate with attacking footy and the first goal is scored by the multitasker Rowan Marshall after being awarded a free kick.


Compared to the Crows, Port Adelaide regain some domination and answer to Marshall’s first goal through Powell-Pepper and Gray. Meanwhile one of our new recruits Butler attempts a soccer kicking goal, but unluckily hits the post. And it’s the only one behind St Kilda score in the night. Later I learn that a win with a single behind has not been seen since 1900. Wow!


After being off with a cramped leg late in the first quarter, Butler takes a mark inside 50 at the beginning of second quarter with a low kick by Parker. His accurate set shot brings us six points.


But the home side finds good space with accurate kicks trying hard to score. Georgiades and Todd Marshall kick goals, meanwhile former Power Ryder scores a goal.


Just before going on a main break, Jones’ kick is delivered to the goal square and no one wins a marking contest. Then the running contest replaces and Membrey wins and kicks footy to the goal posts. His goal brings us a three-point lead.


Back on the field after the main break, Jones gains clearance but the centre opponent taps and creates a turn over. Using the corridor, Dixon takes a mark winning a contest against his former teammate Howard and finishes his job.


In the mid of third quarter, Howard, Clark and Coffield lay tackles and create a turn over. Ross’ handpass is great and Clark’s kick is delivered to the forward line. King handballs and Parker is held. Instead of getting a free kick, we play on and gain advantage. Kent walks onto the goal and we lead the game again.


Then Ryder hits out nicely and we play on the wing. Marshall takes a mark 25 metres out. He scores a goal.


At the end of last quarter, Duursma runs hard from the goal square to the right spot inside 50 taking a mark. No one gets closer. His goal narrows the margin to one. It’s a close game and the last quarter awaits.


St Kilda played the close game like that before but slowed down at last quarter like the opening game against Port Adelaide four years ago, but you know what? We have a different last term in this game.


Ball up and Marshall who rucks at the last quarter taps nicely. Ross collects and kicks accurately. Membrey taps well and Hind handpasses good. Gresham picks footy and shots a goal.


Westhoff takes an intercept mark winning the contest against Max King but kicks to the wrong target. The premiership player Butler takes a brilliant mark and kicks a goal directly in front. Hinkley seems to have a headache in the coach’s box.


Ryder has a time to do a top forward job. He picks up the footy in the pack and scores a goal. His goal extends the margin to 17.


Steele’s high kick is delivered to goal square and Bonner punches trying to clear out. But Membrey puts it on his boot and kicks towards the big posts. After a goal review, it is awarded a goal and Skunk smiles with happiness. I feel this great and extraordinary goal secured us the win.


Finally Max King wins a contested mark and scores a goal. We dominate a lot at the last quarter and silence the opponents giving them a goalless term.


St Kilda play the best last quarter of the year and this game is big for us. Meanwhile Port Adelaide get a reminder that they cannot beat a top eight side. We used to be used to gain four premiership points for them but it’s time for us to keep this memory alive. The Saints are improving and contenders now!



PORT ADELAIDE    2.1   4.4   6.6   6.8(44)
ST KILDA               1.1   5.1   7.1   12.1(73)


Port Adelaide: Powell-Pepper, Gray, Georgiades, Marshall, Dixon, Duursma
St Kilda: Marshall, Butler, Membrey, Ryder 2, Hind, Kent, Gresham, King


Port Adelaide: Byrne-Jones, Ebert, Wines, Houston, Ladhams
St Kilda: Jones, Steele, Clark, Marshall, Billings, Gresham, Ross


3. Jones (STK); 2. Clark (STK); 1. Billings (STK)



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About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Darren White says

    Fantastic review Yoshi – thanks for taking the time to write it. So well written. And how good is it seeing Saints going so well?

  2. Daryl Schramm says

    I didn’t attend either game Yoshi but did think of you and how happy you would have been at these two results. Well done. Yvette would have been very happy also.

  3. Good morning Darren and Daryl,

    Thanks for your good comments!

    Darren – I am feeling so good with Saints’ great performances this year. Ending difficulty in beating both Crows and Power makes me very happy.

    Daryl – Yes Yvette is very happy too as well as am I.



  4. Yoshi, nice to see your Sainters doing well. Winning against the lack lustre Crows was expected but the Port Adelaide victory was full of merit. I believe the Saints are a real contender this year. I too thought of you in those 2 wins and remember saying to Mrs Fisho that “Yoshi would be wrapped”.

  5. Fire up Yoshi in Gags we trust go the Saints

  6. G’day and thanks for your nice comments Fisho and Rulebook,

    Fisho – Yes we were underdogs on Saturday but beat the top of the ladder side. Beating them was far more than great (because Port Adelaide are the least favourite club as well as are Collingwood).

    Rulebook – I have been firing up!



  7. Patrick O'Brien says

    The Brat Pack!

    I feel vindicated that my ten years of bitching quietly to myself about the Saints’ kicking has finally paid off. 12.1 for goodness sake! You can thank me later…

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