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G’day Sportsfans

Tough round for tipsters.

Can Sydney prevail at home?

Who is improving more quickly: the Tiges or the Lions (in the QEII match)?

Surely the Crows will find a way to win on the wide open spaces of their home ground?

And how far the Pies against a flat early-season Doggies side (who will definitely get better at some stage)?

Let us know what’s on your footy mind.

More Bruce for five years? And no Blighty? Which of the Channel 10 team should 7 recruit?


  1. Peter Flynn says

    I’ll be steering clear of Bruce.

  2. Not looking forward to the Foxtel subscription-fee hike.

  3. John Butler says

    Blighty might get a reprieve if Seven on-sell some games.

    Smokie, the way the AFL fixture your Roos, Foxtel have you at their mercy.

  4. John Butler says

    Melbourne showing that expectations of them for this season were probably premature.

    But what of the Eagles? Next month should show where they stand.

  5. #3, Correct JB;
    I am not expecting too many Friday night matches over the next five years (sigh).

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Collingwood will be scheduled to play 20 night matches (Friday or Saturday).

    This is not a criticism of Collingwood. It’s going to be the commercial reality (puke I hate that term).

  7. Dave Nadel says

    #7 You are probably right Peter. If I didn’t support a team that has a huge supporter base I would have to subscribe to Foxtel and I would deeply resent that. If I was a North supporter I would be very apprehensive about the future because I suspect that without Foxtel I would never see my team play interstate.

    When the Swans were sent to Sydney against the wishes of their members (who had voted on the matter) the then VFL promised South supporters that they would always be able to watch their team play in Sydney on TV. When the VFL admitted the West Coast Eagles and Brisbane Bears five years later, apprehensive Melbourne supporters were also promised that they would be able to watch their teams play in Brisbane and Perth on TV. Similar promises were made by the AFL to Fitzroy supporters when the Lions were taken over/merged with Bears.

    Now more than half the games will be shown exclusively on Foxtel. Only 30% of Australians subscribe to Foxtel and I suspect few of them are the elderly working class people who were traditional Swans supporters in 1981 or Lions supporters in 1996. Promises by VFL/AFL officials are like promises by politicians, not to be taken seriously.

  8. Peter Flynn says

    G’day Dave,

    I enjoy reading your considered thoughts.

    I fear that the 2012-16 schedule will force North Melbourne to eventually relocate.

    All this money is needed for other aims and pursuits. Shame really.

  9. #7 Dave – non core promises.

  10. Damo Balassone says

    The worst thing about this new deal is that we are now enslaved to channel 7’s frustrating camera angles for the next 5 years. They use a million camera angles per minute which ulimately give you very little perspective of where the ball is in relation to goal, or where they player with the ball is in relation to the tackler. Sometimes you don’t even know which goal the player with the ball is facing.

    These camera angles are fine for replays but are a disgrace for live play.

  11. Andrew Starkie says

    if North don’t win I’m going into hiding

  12. #11. Andrew, will you go even further into hiding if North get a hiding?

  13. John Butler says

    Ra da da da da

    Ra da da da da

    Ra da da da da da da da da….

    Pretty happy about the Blues’ efforts last night. A bit of a psychological hurdle overcome I hope.

    Juddy you legend!!!!!!

  14. johnharms says

    Especially after getting hammered early. I got caught out by the 7.30 Channel 7 strat. They can always find a way to bamboozle you. But the Swans weren’t in it from when I turned the TV on.

  15. Andrew Starkie says

    gigs, yes. On school camp next week. may be good timing.

  16. David Downer says

    I thought Kate looked wonderful.


  17. Peter Flynn says

    (3) C Judd

    (2) The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister

    (1) The Duchess of Cambridge

    C Judd will join I Stewart, R Skilton and H Bunton.

  18. Pamela Sherpa says

    Malcom Blight is the one commentator I do like-because he has a football brain and is honest in his assessment of players.coachesand teams. I will miss him.
    Ch 7 really need to provide a good team now- I suggest getting rid of Luke Darcy for starters-

    The wedding was great! I couldn’t get back into football mode after I started watching it.

  19. John Butler says

    Saints supporters will be starting to get an old familiar feeling about now.

    Who knows what to think of the Crows really? Don’t know how to hold a lead.

    Tigers on a roll (sort of). Brisbane not.

  20. David Downer says


    My post-match assessment of the Saints-Crows clash is as follows…

    I thought Kate looked wonderful.


  21. John Butler says

    Essendon v Suns

    The 1/4 time scoreline of 15.4.94 to 0.1 represents an AFL/VFL record score and margin at the first break. The Bombers’ 94 points exceeds the previous best by 13 points.

    It would seem the Suns bubble was quickly deflated.

  22. John Butler says

    DD #20, she certainly holds more appeal than some of St Kilda’s play at present.

  23. Danielle says

    I LOVE YA LEROYYYYY!!!!! ;) <3

  24. smokie88 says

    #20 / #22,
    DD & JB,
    I reckon Kate’s sister is a bit of an awlright….
    She’s certainly more appealing than St Kilda.

  25. smokie88 says

    the Leigh Brown delisting was another “brilliant” decision by
    a former coach who shall remain nameless. We North supporters
    shudder at every mention of his name (both the former coach and
    Leigh Brown!).

  26. Danielle says

    25- hope its not dean laidley…damn fine he is ;)

  27. #25 Hey Smokie, I shudder at every mention of Leigh Brown as well. How can he be a premiership player?

  28. Phantom says

    Similarity between GFC 2010 and CFC 2011.

    1) Both coaches know they are going at the end of the season but have not told any one yet.

    2) Both have a gun player that knows he is going at the end of the season but have not told anyone yet.

    3) Trouble brewing in the camp with angry words spilling onto the ground amongst players.

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