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Round 3 – Sydney v Greater West Sydney: Bring your own food

Footy was back at Moore Park for the ‘Derby’ or ‘Battle of the Bridge’ or the ‘Mummy Cup’. There was no major trek from the Eastern Suburbs to Homebush (which to any non-Sydneysiders is a major reason for the lack of crowds at Homebush) and I only had a one bus-20 minute trip to the ground.

On the bus I bumped into late 90’s Sydney football legend Jack Knight and his brother Homer. Anyone who played Sydney Association football at this time will tell you that Jack Knight was for too good for that level of football. He could take massive hangers and would able to kick goals from anywhere in the forward 50. He left Sydney to play in Adelaide in 2002 and that was the last time I saw him to today, it was good to say hello to these boys and see them with their kids.

Getting into the ground was a massive chore. Being an AFL member the weird thing is that you can only get into the SCG members area. I forgot about this and as I didn’t have a collared shirt on I struggled to get past the door nazi’s, it took me two attempts to actually get in to the ground.

Once inside the ground things didn’t get any better. I was hungry so decided to investigate the food options in the new stand and I was completely disgusted by the prices.

Get this people a chicken burger was $16 and a Wagyu beef burger was $18!! I’ve written this before but you can tell that Gillion hasn’t been in any discussions with the SCG Trust with Sydney about the price of food and drinks.

After seeing the price of food I decided that I wasn’t hungry and settled in for the game. I thought the Giants were unlucky and should have been closer at quarter time but bad kicking cost them. Jezza Cameron really should have had 4 straight goals instead of 1 goals three behinds.

In the second quarter the difference between the two teams was the Swans defence and a bit of extra class finishing. After the grand final last year some commentators were calling the swans defence the problem but I was very impressed with Heath Grundy and Ted Richards and they will take some beating this year.

In the third quarter a touch of magic from Buddy and a snaps from Bird and Jack cancelled out the three unanswered early goals from the Giants with McCarthy of the Giants showing a bit up forward.

The last quarter was interesting as in my opinion it showed the Giants have improved. The Giants could have quite easily laid down but they pushed the Swans to the end and outscored the Swans 5 goals to 4 and with a bit of straight kicking could have been alot closer.

PostScript: As it was at twilight game I went for a feed with a few mates at the Royal Exhibition Hotel near Central and got a Waygu Beef burger for $14. The moral of the story eat before/after a game when going to a game at the SCG.


SYDNEY 4.3  10.6  14.12  16.15(111)
GWS 1.6  3.13  7.15  12.18 (90)

Sydney: Franklin 5, Heeney 4, Parker 2, McGlynn, Bird, Hannebery, Jack, Jetta.

GWS: Palmer 3, McCarthy 2, Cameron 2, Ward, Whitfield, Griffen, Coniglio, Scully.


UMPIRES: Ryan, Findlay, Rosebury.


CROWD: 31,966 at SCG.



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  1. Dan Hansen says

    Complaints about the SCG catering have been published before and are yet to be listened to.

    Good article though.

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