Round 22 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: The annual trip (Junior Almanac)

Hawthorn vs Brisbane, Aurora Stadium, Launceston, 29th August 2015

by Kane McInerney

Our annual trip to Tassie to watch the Hawks was finally upon us. Walking to the ground, we were part of what seemed to be a Hawthorn invasion, with every car and person adorned with some sort of brown and gold. The weather, while cold, was rain-free but the icy winds certainly made us feel awake.

Pre-game entertainment at Aurora usually throws up some interesting spectacles and this time was no different. A fishing contest, yes, a fishing contest was held on the oval as a prize for the four best ‘scarf wavers’ was held simultaneously. These Tassie trips are always an adventure!

The game started with a goal to Suckling and my immediate thought was “we’ve got this in the bag” but I had to hold that thought as Christensen racked up his eleventh disposal and helped the Lions jump out to a handy 17 point lead. By quarter time, Christensen and Tommy Rockliff had a combined total of 28 disposals between them, with Rockliff on track for a record after gathering 17 touches by the first break. It looked like the Hawks were going to play as badly as they had the week before against Port.

After quarter time it was a completely different ball game. With Gunston thrown back and rebounding from defence, “Silk” Burgoyne running amok and Roughy finally beginning to run, The Hawks piled on ten goals, accomplishing a new highest second quarter score at Aurora. The football was a delight to watch, and things were looking better for the second half.

In the second half, the Hawks really turned it on. The ever-reliable trio of Birchall, Gibson and Shiels continually closed down many Brisbane attacks and Hawthorn’s run and skill wore down the Lions.

From my observation, Roughead appeared to be carrying some sort of leg injury that led to his lack of run. His leading was minimal and his chasing out of attack was non-existent. Perhaps it’s just the toll of a long season as the key big man in the side. Thankfully, his second half was a lot stronger. Gunny’s hundredth game saw him bag four goals and show his class all over the ground.  He certainly is versatile. Second-gamer James Sicily made the most of his opportunities, kicking two majors including one after the final siren. Although the side looked quite different with Puopolo, Hodge and Mitchell all out and Frawley playing up forward, the Hawthorn style of high possession football was still clearly noticeable.

Another absentee from the side was Schoenmakers, but given the number of free kicks and errors he makes, I (and Dad) was pleased he was not in the team!

Brisbane tried all day but they are a young team and many of their players need to build up body strength to be able to really compete against teams like Hawthorn. Some of their team play was exciting and I am sure they will improve next year.

For anyone who has not been to a game at Aurora Stadium, here are some suggestions you may find useful if you intend to make the trip:

1. Book your accommodation, car hire, meals and flights well in advance. The town really is busy on game weekends and you’ll struggle to get a seat or meal anywhere if you don’t.

2. If the Hawksnest merchandise is offering a 20% discount, make sure you check that the logo on your item is not upside down or back to front as it was on the beanie my Dad bought.

Aurora Stadium is a small ground, and no matter where you sit, you feel like you are very close to the action. From the moment you step foot inside the Launceston Airport where you are greeted with brown and gold – painted stairs (“Welcome to Hawkseston”), to the moment you depart along with dozens of other Hawthorn supporters,  it is clear that Launceston receives a lot of support and benefit from Hawks fans.

I look forward to seeing the Hawks finish the year off strongly against Carlton and hopefully go on to win a third successive premiership. GO HAWKS!

Kane McInerney, 11 yrs old, I love my football and my Hawks.



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  1. A “fishing contest”? More information please.
    We had to endure Bollywood dancing at halftime down in Werribee on Sunday, but your experience seems even more bizarre.
    Sounds like a fun, though cold, trip.
    Should they rest big Roughy this week or does he need to keep playing to find some form?

  2. Great stuff, Kane.
    When I was 11, it was a big deal to catch the Hurstbridge line train to Victoria Park.

    I love the way you point out the little details of your surroundings.
    Like the Hawks colours at the airport, and the busy nature of Launceston during your trip.
    Keep writing.
    Well played.

  3. Well written, Kane.

    As good as the Hawks played, surely the highlight of the trip was your old man buying the dodgy beanie.

  4. yeah, even Schoenmakers wouldn’t make a blunder like that!

  5. Jonathan Baker says

    An interesting read Kane. There’s a future in sports journalism for you if you keep up this quality.
    I could picture the scene, although have never had the chance to watch a game in Tassie. Might be something to do with being a Tigers fan. Thoroughly enjoyed your article and glad to hear you had a great time (and the Hawks won!)

  6. Keep up the good work, Kane. Well done…

    An upside-down back-to-front logo on your beanie? At least that is different!!

  7. Great read Kane, keep up the good work.

    Interesting to hear you think big Rough might be carrying a niggle. Given Carlton’s woes this year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him and possibly a few others rested this week in preparation for our trip west.

  8. Great story Kane. Like you, my 12 year-old daughter Molly and I love visiting Tassie each year to watch the Hawks play. I do have a soft spot for Scoenmakers though and I hope if we make the GF, he’s in the team and plays well. Keep up the good writing!

  9. Kane McInerney says

    Thanks for the feedback and encouragement everyone!
    crio; In the fishing contest, they used toy magnetic fishing rods to collect toy metal ‘fish’ out of a baby pool. If it wasn’t up on the scoreboard screen, nobody would’ve had a clue about what was happening!
    crio; I think Roughead should rest as well as Breust and maybe Gunston.
    Tom Riordan; Dad was so cold I don’t think he would’ve noticed if it had a Geelong logo on it!

  10. Kane, That mixed up beanie might suit your Dad;1) he’s a fashion disaster and 2) he likes to be a bit different! Hope you showed the site and your work to your teacher and mates.
    Have you played Little League yet? If so, check out Swish’s piece and ask your Dad about his Mini League career (assuming he played?)

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