Round 21 – Sal’s Preview: After the Mulligan

Greetings All,


Gerard gave the Blues a mulligan last week, I had to take one organising a lunch at the Friars.  The results have made the competition as good as ever but all tempered this week by Eddie Betts’ revelations of the infamous Crows camp.  While the increasing encroachment of trade talk into the season continues.  Chris Fagan said – the finals start now, I reckon they started a couple of weeks ago.


Dinner ($1.40) vs Duck ($3.40)


Gotta love Ed Langdon for putting a bit more spice into the mix.  Tonight we find out if Collingwood is all duck and no dinner, many have questioned who they have beaten and the narrow margins.  Little the Pies can do about the fixture and tonight’s foe was also one of the vanquished.  The Demons seemed to find their form last week against Freo, their best looks better than any others.  By the same token we said that after the Brisbane demolition a few weeks ago and they fell away.  Collingwood lose a key in Taylor Adams, he sets the tone for them – or have they grown not to be dependent on his example?  There was a Steven May size hole in the Mebourne defense on the Queen’s Birthday – not sure how the Collingwood forward lines deals with that.  While there is a Tom McDonald size hole remaining at the other end.  Going with Melbourne to be back to close their best, however the Pies are a much better chance than what the satchel swingers have them at.


Mothballs ($1.98) vs Lloyd Christmas ($2.00)


“So You’re Tellin’ Me There’s A Chance! for the Gold Coast still the slightest while for the Hawks it is long gone as they put a couple more out to pasture for the summer.  In Launceston favours Hawthorn but the Suns win this to keep their chance alive.


Showgrounds Time ($2.28) vs Restrung ($1.77)


Back to home for the Giants after a fair thumping from their cross town rivals – some big statements from the wannabe coach and then drops exactly the three players they always drop!  The face the Bombers who got back on the winners list against the Roos and some help from Jake.  It is a Seinfeld game but the Giants could sink Spike’s aspirations if they capitulate like last week.  Reckon they will find a way to win this week


Catnipped ($1.52) vs Demonised ($2.84)


These two lost to the top two last week and will be keen to rebound.  The Dogs will unveil Sam Darcy for his first game which will certainly bring a bit of excitement  and anticipation for the pack, a win keeps right in the mix for September.  Freo need to win to maintain hope of a top four position, mathematically they could drop out but they should at least snare one of their last three.  The Bullies have won their last three handsomely over the Dockers and in the loungeroom they should keep the dream alive.


Smoke a Ceglar ($1.15) vs Kate Bush ($7.20)


The Cats finally got Ceglar in and this week have the luxury of two ruckmen with Rhys Stanley back in.  The luxury to rest Joel shows what a great position they are in.  As opposed to the precarious one the Saints are in who have an uphill run to hold their spot with another couple of top eights sides to play after this encounter.  Suspect the hill will be a bit steeper on Sunday morning.


Teakled Pink ($1.72) vs Lion Tamers ($2.36)


Kenny has brought back mid-season pick Brynn Teakle to combat Nank in the ruck as Port host the Tigers in the desperate challenge to hang on for 2022.  Playing at home will certainly be in their favour no that travel really bothers the Tigers.  They were supreme in chasing down the Lions last week and will take plenty of confidence into this game.  Shai Bolton providing the X-factor they are missing without Dusty.  The loss of Grimes will be factor but just not sure how Port exploit that.  Going for the Tigers as their best is just better than Port’s.


High on the Hills ($13.50) vs Lanced? ($1.07)


The Roos bring in Josh Goater for game one (maybe) just not sure they will enjoy the sound of the music at the end as I suspect the banjo will get a run as the thunder shakes down.


Brisbane ($1.37) vs Plowing On ($3.60)


A contest for two teams that need to win not just for their position in the battle for finals, but for redemption after poor performances last week.  The Blues got their right whack against Adelaide on many fronts.  Geelong exposed their defensive deficiencies under pressure two weeks earlier but they persisted with the personnel that were most deficient.  Plowman and Newman are both out this week dropped and injured respectively.  Up forward Harry and Charlie are rarely outmarked, however the ball is too easily cleaned up by the opposition defense.  The Blues small forwards need to improve in keeping the ball in.  They have also lost any dare with the long kick up the line making their game slow, predictable and easy to defend.  The Lions were scintillating for a half last week and Keidean Coleman brilliant, he pulls off the daring kick and then follows brilliantly.  Then they allowed the Tigers to take over, how good was Richmond and bad was Brisbane is up for debate.  The looseness of their key defenders though stood out with Reiwoldt and Lynch easily finding space against Adams and Andrews.  Was Darcy Fort as the sub an issue losing run when Bailey went off?  Backing the Blues to get it done – win lose or draw both of these need to put in the supreme effort.


Over and Out ($1.97) vs Nicked That One ($1.98)


Josh Kennedy bows out after a decorated career, with his club still to play another game in Perth next week.  It’s Freo’s home game and that’s how the Eagles roll.  Which is one of the reasons Adelaide will beat them.  A superb effort last week not just from the playing group but also from Matthew Nicks saw them get a deserved result.  Reckon they will back it up.


Go Blues, Go Friars,


Cheers, Sal



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