Round 21 Blog

Four rounds to go and all bar the top two spots are still in contention, which makes week crucial from here.

Tonight, we find out if the Saints are really making ground on the top sides.

Tomorrow, the Hawks would expect to dine out on the Power.

Both Fremantle and Carlton will be desperate for the win in Perth.

Essendon need to win against the Bulldogs.

The two Queensland sides do it for bragging rights.

West Coast can’t afford a slip against Melbourne.

Sydney will try to erase memories of last week’s lost opportunity against Richmond.

And finally, Adelaide try to keep their revival going against the formidable Geelong.

A weekend offering plenty of talking points one suspects.

What do you reckon folks?


  1. Muzza magic from Fasolo, such a highlight.
    Goddard is a mother-chucking jerk stepping on Tazza’s hand and reacting the way he did, what a….grrr! -.-

  2. Much more competitive — and fun to watch — effort than the last against the Pies, but there’s still a small gap to close. Don’t know if they can or will, but it would be fun to get the opportunity. Have to win the next two (Swans and Kangaroos), which would lock up sixth, and only then can we discuss the finals.

  3. John Butler says

    For all their effort and commitment, I think St Kilda are kidding themselves if they think they will bet Collingwood leaving Riewoldt stranded one-out up forward.

    Those days are past. Time to try something new Ross.

  4. John Butler says

    As for Port, they’re just kidding themselves. Period.

  5. Clearisghted says

    As commentators, is it possible for Luke Darcy and Tim Lane to bow any lower to their media godfathers?

  6. Skip of Skipton says

    The day that Kosi can get his mind, body, soul and spirit in synch (it might only happen once) will be a big moment for the Saints. I can see it coming. I feel it in my waters. As long as it isn’t against the Cats, I welcome it!

  7. Well done to the tigers today, we’re on the right track.
    That small minority Collingwod fan group that chanted ‘that’ insult against Milne, its disgusting and there is no need for families to hear that at the football.

  8. John Butler says

    A question re the Tarrant report folks.

    Previous football logic would see him get off.

    But the tribunal logic that saw Jack Trengove rubbed out for 3 for that tackle would probably see Tarrant get 6.

    Which ‘logic’ should apply?

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