Round 20 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood life: Starting Pre-season 2016

True Believers. Krista said in her reply to my pre-game email last week: “You are always so positive!”. My thanks to her for that – I do try. Perhaps it is the mark of the ‘True Believer’ – never actually knowing, or perhaps not recognising or understanding, when you are beaten?

Thank you to those who attended the game and have reported. Much appreciated. I concur with much of the criticism.

A very poor effort across the paddock, though I thought Sydney were going to lose at one stage (rather than us win). Match Reports are at and [Almanac match reports are at] Check the Statistics – we had only six players with a Disposal Efficiency over 80%. Reported Best from the two Reports included Swanny (agree), Elliott (disagree), Pendles (disagree), Williams (agree), Frost (maybe), Sidebottom (agree), Adams (maybe) and Moore (disagree). The Backs were slow – Brownie’s enforced break could be a good thing. Wasn’t Trav unbelievable in the First Quarter – great CHF work – maybe we need a FF who can lead, mark and kick – know anyone? I happened to watch the Footscray / Melbourne game – In the First Half Footscray put on 14 goals to two; the Third Quarter, Melbourne fought back (a bit – 5 goals to none). What was interesting was the openness of the access to goal – unlike our routinely highly congested Forward Line. Your thoughts?

The other disappointment – the Two’s lost at Vic Park to North Ballarat by eight points after a Three Quarter time lead of 25. At least Caff got through okay.

So, where are we now? I don’t think it is possible to make the Finals now (probably mathematically possible, but highly unlikely) so with a single leap we step from 2015 to ‘Pre-season 2016’. Let’s hope we start using the games usefully.

The future. If you need a bit of an indication of the “age of a Club’s list” go to: Says it all actually.

This week? Round 21 – Richmond at the G on Saturday, 22 August; bounce 1.45pm. More on this later in the week.

Maintain the Faith. Next year. Believe. Go Pies.


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