Round 20 – Brisbane v Carlton: Words Fail


In the immortal words of the late Captain Blood Jack Dyer , facing the microphone after a particularly egregious umpiring decision: I won’t say anything, because I might say something.



BRISBANE LIONS     3.2       8.7       15.9    20.11 (131)
CARLTON      6.3       6.7       9.10    9.13 (67)

Brisbane Lions: Freeman 3, Christensen 3, McGuane 2, Hanley 2, Mayes 2, Zorko 2, West, Rockliff, Robinson, Redden, Cutler, Adcock
Carlton: Walker 4, Buckley, Kreuzer, Docherty, Boekhorst, Murphy

Brisbane Lions: Robinson, Zorko, Martin, Rockliff, Rich, Redden, Freeman

Carlton: Cripps, Carrazzo, Murphy, Kreuzer, Walker

Brisbane Lions: Nil
Carlton: Nil

Brisbane Lions: Billy Evans replaced Trent West at three-quarter time
Carlton: Nick Holman replaced Clem Smith in the third quarter

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Foot, Ryan, Hay, Armstrong

Official crowd: 17,744 at the Gabba

Votes: i. Brisbane Team Effort 6 (3 + 2 + 1)

ii. 22. Adcock,  21. Andrews,  20. Christensen, 19. Cutler, 18. Dawson,  17. Evans,  16. Freeman, 15. Hanley, 14. Martin, 13. Mayes, 12. McGuane, 11. McStay, 10. Merrett, 9. O’Brien, 8. Paparone, 7. Redden, 6. Rich, 5. Robinson 4. Rockliff, 3. Taylor, 2. West, 1. Zorko.


  1. G’day Peter,

    Did you use the quote to move on from Mick Malthouse who speaks up about issues? Or change the culture?

    But in my opinion, your beloved Blues could have won two more games last year against Geelong. Umpires’ poor decisions in these games are controversial.

    Or do you want to do proper work to improve rather than blaming umpires?

    It must be very tough for Bluebaggers.

    All the best.


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