Round 2 – Collingwood v GWS: Monaros at Magpies

Collingwood Magpies v GWS Monaros

MCG, 1635, Saturday 30 March

An all too easy win last weekend, this fan was more concerned about two easy games to start the season.

Collingwood unveiled a song, a dreary metal track.  Why?  Probably because Port also have a dirgish song and Ed can’t let those other Magpies get too far ahead.  One would think that something uplifting and joyous, ‘Dancing In The Street’, would be more fitting.

My notes get sketchy thereafter.

Three goals each, Collingwood’s all from silly mistakes in our backline, ours from good play.

A steady second so far, Pies goal aside, Monaros look handy (it may read powdery, my handwriting is a triumph of form over function.)

Halftime, I cued up some 1920s pop music. Aside from a couple of jumping horn-driven instrumentals, it was very sedate.

A splitscreen shot of the coaches, Nat looks resigned, Leon is talking and counting points off his fingers.

‘This is terribly frustrating!’  There wasn’t much happening onfield, Monaros are clearly the better team but are playing like they got stuck into the Benadryl behind the sheds.

Collingwood got in front but there was plenty of time.  Again, I wished for an outdoor teev, it was too nice an arvo to stay inside for too long, so I missed chunks of the game, but the Pies, for all the hard scraping and shutdowns, just weren’t good enough.  They made silly mistakes that Monaros pounced upon.

It was a tighter match than expected and I’m glad we had to do it that way.  I am not in the least glad about Tom Scully’s broken ankle, he’s a critical player, we can cover Zac but not Tom.


Magpies 3.2 5.3 9.7 12.7
Monaros 4.1 6.2 10.2 15.5

3 Coniglio
2 Kelly
1 Grundy

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  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Who knew Ed was a Metallica fan?
    Super impressed with Coniglio’s game. The only glaring weakness for the Monaros seems to be in the ruck.

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