Round 19 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Winning Ugly

True believers all,

I managed to watch the game.  Contrary to the advice on the AFL website that there would be a two-hour time delay, it was shown live.  I even checked the website regarding location, etc.

I concur with most, but not all of the observations.  Swanny and Pendles were fantastic; nothing more to be said there.  Fasolo was good, kept popping up at the right time and place and producing the goods.  I thought Blair also helped.  Good return by Reid, though I still would prefer to see him up back. Williams was ever reliable and I thought Maynard showed some.  We were killed in the Clearances: (Clearances:  us 31 / 45 them; Hit Outs: 41/45; Centre: 11/17) – not sure dropping Witts was a good idea.

What do I disagree with?  I thought Carlton worked hard and took the game to us; and I think we responded accordingly (we won the Tackles 80 to 47).  As such I’m more forgiving of the Disposal Efficiency (particularly) and the lack of flow.  I’m not sure why our huge domination of Marks inside 50 (16 to 6) didn’t convert into a greater advantage on the scoreboard.  Have a look at the graph of the progressive score – I thought our two fight-backs in the Second Half were solid; promise for the future.  I agree with the comments about our Backline – we need a bit of a wake-up before Friday.  Not sure why Elliott , Grundy and Langdon made the Best lists.

All in all, as Buck’s said, an ‘ugly’ win, but a win, nevertheless.


The Twos:  A great result.  Look who made the Best (again).


Next:  Sydney in Sydney on Friday, coming off three Losses in their last four outings.  More on this later.

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