Round 18 – Essendon v Hawthorn: Nice Game For A White Wedding

Nice game for a white wedding

Round 18, 2013: Essendon v Hawthorn (Etihad Stadium).

Paul Campbell



Torrents of four-goals in the first and second quarters set up an impressive 56-point win for Hawthorn, on Friday night. Hawthorn 22.11.(143) defeated Essendon 13.9.(87). Buddy Franklin kicked eight goals, including three in the first-quarter.


Sentiment for affrays of the eighties aside, the build up to this game had been about the confrontation of the Hawks forwards and Bombers leg speed. Gary Lyon seemed confident the Hawks would be left standing still. Essendon’s early work did contain the kind of quick transition Geelong has hitherto perfected. Hawthorn inside 50’s came pinging back – fast, furious and well organized. Goals to Myers, Ryder and Stanton followed. Essendon had the pace of game they wanted, and a preponderance of supporters were peppy.


Nevertheless, the Hawks inside 50’s were mounting. Cyril showed his speed in supplying Buddy and then Pears was slow of decision, Gunston the beneficiary of the tackle.  Quarter time: Hawks by 10-points.


I went to the game with an old friend, Matt – a Bombers man. Matt and I see each other annually, for this very fixture. Our distaste for each other’s teams is more than offset by our easy friendship. We can catch up and discuss all manner of things, but football is the one that sustains us. Over the seasons (outwardly at least) little has changed with Matt, but this year is different – Matt is getting married. The wedding is in 5 weeks – before finals, good. Our pre-match drinks were fairly dominated by the event. Matt is as jumpy as a first gamer. On the other hand he was blithe during the game tonight, in a way I could never be, even texting her during play. Love is grand. Checked my phone at quarter-time, no texts.


In the 2nd, after numerous behinds, a Hurley goal cut the margin to 8 points. An immediate response came from scintillating Cyril, a centre clearance and long goal. Next, Roughead outpointed Hooker, and while not completing the mark the gather and dribble goal had me on my feet (while Matt was on the phone). Buddy added a 4th, classically wheeling onto the left, and when Puopolo crumbed truly the Hawks were out by 32-points, midway.


In the 3rd, Colyer’s goal was the start Essendon needed. Even so, there was now an evident pattern, Hawthorn would be back inside-50 in just a sec. Franklin missed, before Cyril marked and set up Lewis. Puopolo marked and played on for his second, and then Roughead was felled in a shepherd allowing Hale to take full advantage. Subsequently Roughead and Melksham locked horns briefly. I don’t think they will replay the moment with the ’85 or 2004 brawls in promos to come (it was more evocative of Colin Firth and Hugh Grant’s tiff in ‘Bridget Jones Diary’). Roughy drew boos thereafter. Baffling.


Both sides had their moments over the balance of the quarter, but Hawthorn’s were better. 6 goals to 4 and a 46-point lead at three-quarter-time. It was enough for Matt, who headed home while the lovely was still awake.


The final quarter was another 6 to 4 from Hawthorn. Hurley kicked a couple and Buddy provided the entertainment for Friday night T.V viewers. Hawthorn’s stars sparkled tonight; Bud, Rough, Cyril, Mitchell and Hodge. Personally, I was pleased with the evenness and contributions of Hill, Smith, Puopolo and Simpkin.


The Hawks can anticipate Birchall, Burgoyne and Shiels returning to the team and I look forward to a compelling run to finals… and a wedding.




Essendon        4.3,      5.4,      9.6,      13.9 (87)

Hawthorn       6.1,      10.6,    16.10, 22.11 (143)




Hawthorn: Franklin 8, Roughead 4, Gunston, Bruest, Lewis, Puopolo 2, Hale, Rioli,

Essendon: Hurley 3, Bellchambers 2, Dell’Olio, Myers, Colyer, Goddard, Jetta, Kommer, Ryder, Stanton




Hawthorn: Franklin, Roughead, Mitchell, Rioli, Hodge, Smith, Hill, Puopolo, Simpkin.

Essendon: Heppell, Hibberd, Melksham, Goddard, Hurley


Umpires: Mollison, Nicholls, McInerney


Our votes: 3. Franklin (Haw) 2. Roughead (Haw) 1. LMitchell (Haw)


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  1. Rick Kane says

    Excellent report Mr Campbell and not just because I barrack for the mighty Hawks as well. You’re right about the team effort. Hodge took a while to get going but when he did the effect on the team effort was exponential. The second quarter effort won us the game. For 10 mins early in the second both teams fought hard to slow the other down but the Dons couldn’t keep that pressure up and the Hawks broke through and thereafter they looked irresistible. Cheers

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