Round 18 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life

True believers, all,

Well, that was pretty awful.

I didn’t get to see the game; tried following it on the Match Day site with 3AW and 3MMM, but it wasn’t that clear to me what was happening, particularly in the critical Last Quarter.

I am also very tired of commentators who are so biased – ‘gleeful’ of any failing by Collingwood players.   So, no comment on the Best or where we fell down; not much on the game – the basic Team Statistics indicate that we won in the Centre and were about even at Stoppages and in Hit Outs.  We substantially won Inside 50s but were killed in Marks Inside 50s.  We out-tackled them.  So what does that mean?  Not sure, particularly without the numbers, by Quarter.  I’d love to see the statistics at the end of the Third Quarter.  Your views?

A counter-view from Matty Lloyd re White’s (non) selection.  The point was made during the game by the commentators that Key Forwards are not the same as Talls stuck in the Forward Line.  That said, I wonder what Karnezis, who I do consider a potential fit as a Key Forward, has to do to get a run.  Elliott’s selection as Sub was a bit of a surprise.

The Twos:  Beaten by the Ladder Leader.  Oh yeah, check the performances – Marsh BOG (again; in defence too), Karnezis in Best (again; up forward) and Reid survived (again).

Finals:  I’m not sure what the numbers mean now.  I’ll look at that a bit later in the week.  I don’t think Finals’ Footy is beyond us, yet.  But we probably need to win every game we have left.  The radio commentators made much of the Pies jumper thrown by a fan (possibly an ex-fan)onto the ground during the Last Quarter.  Did anyone see it?

To finish on a positive: If Richmond were asked “How do you go about beating Hawthorn?” and they answered honestly, it might be something like “Play like Collingwood did against Hawthorn“.  So?  We can do it.  Let’s hope the Melbourne game was an aberration and that we’ll get back our ‘ferocity’ and play through the rest of the H&A games successfully.  I’ll bet that the rest of the League are terrified by the idea that we make the Finals, regardless of where.

This week:  Carlton at the G on Sat, 8 August; bounce at 1.45pm.  The VFL side play Northern Blues (Carlton) as an historic curtain-raiser to the AFL game at the G; bounce TBA.  For the Melbourne folks, make a day of it.  Hopefully two from two and the rebooting of our seasons.


Go Pies.  Do not lose hope.


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