Round 15 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: On tour

G’day to all True Believers.


Rob is quite correct but then so are Matt, Sal, Elizabeth and me in suggesting we recognise the recent performances and what they say about the future.  Certainly the fact that you get four points for a win and none for a loss is relevant, and we need the wins to keep progressing.  There is no place for ‘bridesmaids’ in footy.  Having said that, what great performances against the Ladder leader and competition leader (in my view, two very different things).


Tomorrow’s game is against Port in Adelaide (joy oh joy; just love those biased spectators).  Bounce at 7.20pm, CST (7.50pm, AEST or 3.50 pm, Phuket time (see below)).


I’m stuck in Phuket where it is slightly warmer that the -6 when we left in Canberra.  It’s a hard task but someone’s got to do it.


Them & Us?  Okay we were equal in the betting.  We are, now, very slight favourites with betting at $1.96 to $1.88.  Port are dangerous, particularly at home but have not had a hugely impressive season, so far.  They will be looking for a win to boost their Finals chances.  We should be looking for a win to stabilise our place in the Eight.  They are coming off three losses in their last three outings including against (working backwards) Sydney, Carlton and Geelong.  Notably, Port have dropped four for this game – ‘hissy fit’ by the coach? But Trengrove will be back and Gray and Boak need to be watched in the Midfield. In the season statistics my only real concern (as usual) is in the Hit Outs (go to the Match Review). Us?  Like last week, and the week before, but luckier.  And ‘ferocity’.  Hope Grundy gets on, but sure who goes out; plus Scharenberg.  And frankly, White could become injured at no penalty to the team. Would be surprised to see Tooves front up. Your views?


Previews at:



My picks?  Pies by 23.  BOG: Adams; Trav – 5; Elliott – 4.  Your guesses?


TV?  Okay this is where it gets interesting.  In Canberra it’s on 7mate from 7.30 pm.  Overseas?    Can’t find it.  Having discussed this issue with the Manager of the pub where we watched the State of Origin (just ignore my comment if you don’t know what I am talking about – what an extremely ‘shoddy’ NSW performance) he couldn’t find reference to the game either.  Any thoughts?  Maybe I’ll end up following it on Match Day.


Other.  Not today.  Watch the Twos performance.  And Reid is injured again.  Does anyone else remember Lee Walker a few years ago?  What a talent; was never uninjured.


Anyone going to the game?  In Adelaide?  Report pls?


Go Pies.




  1. You are out of luck on the coverage on TV as Australia Plus are not showing it. will stream it @9:50 GMT live if you buy a pass – that is probably your best bet unless you can find a bar that is streaming it.

    International Broadcast schedule –

    Beyond that there are usually illegal torrent streams showing matches but I can’t help you with how to find them.

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