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No Buddy no Hawks? We’ll find out tonight. Have Essendon got the break they badly needed?

Richmond v Melbourne is absolutely vital for both teams. Which Melbourne will turn up?

The Doggies escape the ash with a few days on the Gold Coast.

The Pies travel to Sydney with an imposing record against the Swans added to an imposing record against everyone else.

Freo need to bounce back at home against Brisbane.

A depleted Geelong host Adelaide. Who’s game to back the Crows?

Carlton host the resurgent West Coast. A game with big top-four implications.

And finally, Port and North are consigned to their regular Sunday evening dead zone. Just in case there was any danger of either club attracting some interest beyond their own supporters.

Fire away Knackers.


  1. Couldn’t think of any other place but here to register my outrage – Warney has gone the botox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Warney you look like a bloody idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No woman is worth it, Warney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He looks like a crazed lunatic. You know, the petrified eyes, hair line higher than Wivenhoe Dam’s water levels, skin waxy and smooth like he’s an escapee from Madam Tussauds.

    What’s going on????????????????????

  2. John Butler says

    Botox isn’t forever Dips.

    He’ll return to being the suave man of the world he’s always been soon enough.

  3. Tony Bull says

    He now has a smooth brow to enhance his descending hairline.

  4. Rick Kane says

    Hey Dips are you seriously surprised by the vainest man Australian cricket has ever produced going the redneck facelift? And it aint for the women, it’s for the mirror.

    On to more pressing matters – No Buddy so c’mon down Cyril and his new best mate Bruest. 10 minimum between them, get on it, and that’s from someone who wouldn’t know his betfair from his Indian bookie.


  5. John Butler says

    No Buddy no Essendon.

    But will Hawthorn have anyone left fit to play the Pies?

    Hirdy & Bomber should be looking forward to the Cats.

  6. Richard Naco says

    Nobuddy to aim for in the forward lines, so the Hawks simply shared the lurve around. Effective first quarter & superlative second made the last two pacing periods quite an anticlimax. Only interest in the game ended up being the number of serious soft tissue injuries each team could sustain (3-3 draw, with a possible MRC date for Jordy Lewis’ headbut being the tiebreaker). Wounded so grievously collectively, Essendown & Hurtthorn will have hot dates with Geelong & Collingwood respectively next round.

    Richmond & Melbourne will be a cracker, but I must adhere to the Harms’ parabolic method of predicting with Melbourne, which means Richmond earn a spot in the top 8 (the D’s to replace them the following week after Carlton flatten the Tiges).

    Doggies should win (this week vs the Gold Coast), but that has been said far more often than it’s occured so far this season.

    Carlton will surge all over the WEagles, whose time is well nigh, but not quite this night.

    And anyone who backs a South Australian or Queensland team against any team not from Queensland or South Australia may as well just start thrashing themselves with nettles now and get used to the pain.

  7. Rick Kane says

    We’re a happy (and injured) team at Hawthorn. What a frickin performance. Two main points from tonight’s game (besides reminding all and sundry of Birchall’s value to the Hawks):

    1. The Hawks have depth
    2. The Bombers are a shambles

    Aint coaching a tough gig? And like any craft, it’s a skill set best learned, not assumed. Mr Voss, Mr Hird, can I introduce you to the Scott brothers? M Knights was the only non-Hawk grinning at the end of this game.

  8. Danielle says

    Go sexy pies!! :p

  9. Peter Flynn says

    Bomber Thompson is too tired to make a meaningful contribution to Essendon this year.

    Warney is heading down the Paul Hogan track.

    I’m not sure what ‘parabolic method’ means.

  10. Danielle says

    Curse count- 575688844

  11. oozeboss says

    The Fab 4 may be clearly defined at this point in the season, but the Swans (Sydney, not Dane) served notice last night that the 2012 premiership is a cakewalk for no team.

  12. johnharms says

    Very disappointed not to be travelling to Kardinia this afternoon to see the young Geelong crew. Tough conditions if the swaying of the palm fronds and the bougainvillea at Northcote are any indication.

  13. johnharms says

    But then again, the fire is burning. The kids are in good form (temporarily). Red wine (Barossa shiraz). Ciabatta. Olive oil. Dips. Mettwurst. Sun coming through the north window. And footy on TV. Hope the Cats help maintain the atmosphere.

    Will swap Brownlow Medallist (dual, soggy, slightly worn, only second owner)
    For tall, young, key marking forward (previous occupant mislaid circa 2007/8)
    No reasonable offer refused.
    Sorry Cats – Tomahawk does not qualify as ‘reasonable’ offer
    Contact SKerhahan (Lygon Street) or JButler (Ballarat) with offers.
    Height over 190cm; ability to raise arms above shoulders; and catch falling watermelons: prerequisite.

  15. oozeboss says

    A 22yo with a still developing body will never be traded. Especially when, in 5 years time, he will be tearing the AFL apart.

    Tomahawk is a keeper. And we’re the ones that are keeping him.

    Sorry about the visy (not so) splendid.

  16. johnharms says

    Just awaiting the response from Carlton’s marketing department.

  17. westcoastdave says

    @Oozeboss – I suspect there are a lot of Blues fans wishing that your philosophy was known by the Carlton Marketing Department. Hard to turn down the offer of a genuine A+ grade player, but a great midfielder is only ever worth half a good key forward (other than on Brownlow night).

  18. Peter Flynn says

    It was my very great pleasure to attend the Geelong game today at Kardinia Park.

    30 hours of prior-game carbo loading in a shed in Echuca left me in a giggly frame of mind.

    There was much bonhomie and merriment at the Sawyers Arms (est. 1850) post-match.

    Judd is now on track for 64 Brownlow votes and Murphy is now on track for 42 Brownlow votes.

    Hawthorn v Collingwood is the last jigsaw piece before we know the 2011 Premier. At the time of typing, Collingwood are nearly over the line.

    They are a super team with super players. An irrepressible force.

    Good luck to them.

  19. johnharms says

    Good to see the various train trips home haven’t shaken you from your giggli-ness.

    And that you remain a student of form.

    Does this mean Collingwood will win the flag, and that they will beat Sydney in the GF?

    And that people think Collingwood are coming through the premier wfa events and Geelong are working their way through the handicaps – Class 6 at Sandown, into Werribee Cup, into Moonee Valley Cup and hoping to qualify through the Saab. Would be funny if the opponent in the Saab were some other unfashionable handicapper (like North or the Eagles). And not some side of cattle brought high in the blueblood auction (like Carlton or Melbourne).

  20. oozeboss says

    Well well well! Where were we?

    Gold Coast Suns defeated the Titans 16,149 to 12,997, as the NRL tactic of scheduling their games on or about the same time as the AFL blew up wondrously in their face. Western Bulldogs got the 4 premiership points as expected, but the Suns got the crowd & the kudos for yet another gutsy comeback.

    Freo beat the Lions. What’s new about that, especially in Perth? Very unpretty game.

    Melbourne broke free of the tyranny of the harmsian sine curve theory (the unimaginative sods) & put on a glorious show to climb in to the eight using a tiger striped ladder. Wonderfully uninhibited & free flowing play, so refreshing & easy on the eye when so many tactics are the stodge of a footy fan’s diet, & it’s so good to see the rise of Jack Watts as a spectacular performer.

    The Swans completed their fairy tale comeback to beat the Magpies six minutes too soon, but the game & the Pies kept going & a black & white victory by six behinds was the result. Collingwood retain flag favouritism (cos Geelong prefer it that way).

    Speaking of which: Adelaide won the last quarter after the Geelong 2nd XVIII called it a day 15 minutes early (when they were 80pts up). As I said before, I have seen the first light of a new Golden Age, and it still wears hoops. (But Collingwood are still the media’s darlings – please believe that. Cats are obviously over rated. And yes, I don’t actually think that for a second, but I’d like you to.)

    WEagles served notice that the Carlton backline lacks serious grunt & that the race for the Top 4 is nowhere near as cut and dried as some would like to make out. Wonderful performance that put the West Coast within half a game of the Fab 4, but they have the bye & then the Cats in the next two weeks so they are close but not quite there. Yet.

    And Norths beat Port. As we all knew they would, sure, but they are now half a game out of the 8 & accelerating. And it would be nice for Mrs Scott’s boys to both be active in September, especially as both of their blue & white clad legions are playing entertaining, engaging footy. The one blinding fact that Crows’ fans can cling to in their titanic wreck of a season is that at least they’re not the Power. But as a South Australian in exile (and there are a lot of us – Adelaide’s major export is ex-pats), I do find the current state of my home state’s football seriously depressing.

    BTW: my family are having our annual pilgrimage to Melbourne this coming weekend (+ Monday & Tuesday) & we will naturally be at Etihad to see Bomber’s Bomber boys playing Bomber’s old boys (and Scotty’s new ones)(that’s the Scott in blue and white)(Scott, C – sheesh!). It’d be good to catch up with some of you there (or there abouts).

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