Round 13 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Some big questions answered


True Believers, all,

Disappointed?  Of course.

Critical?  Nope.  Not of anyone, at any time.  Simply outstanding.  A bounce here, a bounce there, slightly less accurate snaps at goal by their annoyingly fast and accurate Small Forwards – could have been a different outcome.  Made me proud to be a Pie supporter.

Best?  This was really hard.  Everyone was good at different times.  Varcoe popped up frequently (what a great tackle).  Pendles was always there marshalling his troops, putting himself in the key position and kicking a key goal.  Witts?  What a performance.  I think we missed Grundy in their partnership.  Certainly Witts didn’t take a step backwards against one of the oldest, wisest, biggest and sneakiest rucks.  Adams, Langdon and Williams – all good.  And Swanny, of course. The Forward Smalls?  Yep.  I was a bit surprised we didn’t try a range of ‘taggers’ on Fyfe.  He got away from us a bit in the Second Half.


Remember my occasional comments criticising moulded-sole boots?  Go Ross Lyon [!].

Next week?  It doesn’t get any easier.  Friday night, Hawthorn at the G.  More on this later in the week.

That performance answers the big question – Are the Pies the ‘real deal’?

Sure are.





  1. I always wonder where the epithet “Ya Big Jesse” came from. Now I know.
    I confidently predicted that he’d miss the sitter.
    Every club has them. Those you can rely on under pressure and those you can’t.
    I thought Freo just wore you down last night. Witts for 3 quarters rucked as well as I have seen anyone against Sandi this season. Pendlebury seemed to be carrying an injury, and didn’t have his normal level of run. Your kids got tired and made mistakes under pressure in the last 15 minutes.
    All credit to Freo, but they are only handy with no tall forwards. Pavlich and Mayne wouldn’t get a kick in a street fight.
    Sydney should be the flag faves. Then Hawks.
    July 19 Eagles v Pies should be the playoff for 4th.

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